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Author Topic: ((OOC)) You can call me Aris  (Read 910 times)

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((OOC)) You can call me Aris
« on: 09/24/17, 02:03:14 PM »
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Hello, all!  I've been playing swtor for about half a year oh so and really enjoy they heck out of both sides.  I've managed to find a fantastic guild and we do some RP, but lately we're thinking about stepping it up a little and maybe poking our head out into the server wide community and seeing who else is out there doing the playing of, you know...the roles.

I'm also curious for myself.  I wouldn't call myself a great rper by any means, but I enjoy it just the same, love to talk about it as well as actually do it, and I'd be oh so happy to meet some of you and your characters!

My legacy name is Aristedes, and most people call me Aris.  Characters I play include...

Pub Side
    Imbretora - A young jedi knight hunting down her former master who has gone mad;
    Raetor - A private investigator on Nar Shaddaa who is constantly stumbling into trouble he isn't looking for;
    Siago - A very mellow and somewhat passive jedi healer;
    Crusidor - A by the book republic trooper;
    Jenncia - A militant and borderline dark side jedi knight;

Imp Side
    Vanqui - An otherworldly, almost alien sith assassin;
    Loridon - A fallen jedi knight;
    Rathleen - A bounty hunter for hire.

I guess you can tell from that which characters I've spent the most time on RP wise...  =)

Anyway, I personally look forward to meeting you folks in game and hope to figure out how my guild might interact with the community at large as well!

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Re: ((OOC)) You can call me Aris
« Reply #1 on: 09/24/17, 02:14:38 PM »
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Welcome to the community!

If you and your guild mates aren't already in the OOC channel in game, make sure those interested in rp join the community there, as it's a great place to connect with others. You can use /cjoin Imperialooc and /cjoin Republicooc on each side.

Best place to start connecting to the community is at the community open rp events on the calendar... which needs some updating at the moment. Thursday nights are regularly Jedi kNights, most often organised by members of the Jedi Custodum guild. Friday nights there is an open, cross-faction, hosted social gathering at Dancer's Palace, which is in my Nar Shaddaa stronghold. Dancer's Palace has a security system to enforce its no violence rule, so it's a great place to make connections of every sort in complete safety... at least until you leave. Dancer's Palace starts officially at 9pm server time and I usually hop imp side just before or at the start to offer keys to any who want them in the OOC channel, before coming back pub side to my hostess, Sol'ange, with whom I can hand out keys at any time. You can also ask me for a key anytime you see me in game on any of my alts. Our weekly imperial event has fallen by the wayside for the moment, due to lack of someone to lead it and enough people to keep it going. Hopefully at some point some new version will come to life.

You might want to make a GuildNet page for your guild and then those in the community can get to know you and your guild!

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Re: ((OOC)) You can call me Aris
« Reply #2 on: 09/24/17, 02:40:03 PM »
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Welcome, Aristedes! We're glad you were able to find your way to our site, and would love to get to know you and your guild through some playing of the roles.

In finding the site you've already found the best tool for keeping informed on the various events that the community might be planning, so just keep an eye out here and you should start to get an image of what's going on. There are the occasional one-off events hosted by community members, some of them in game, some of them in the chatroom, some fully structured and game-mastered (many of these being serial events rather than one-offs) and others more free-form. There are also some periodically re-occurring open events, such as a seasonal Mandalorian event, or the Pub-side scum and villainy Port of Call series. In the past we've had various one-off community hosted events ranging in theme from science/invention fairs, Sith parties, starship battles, barge parties, treasure hunting, insurgent raids against Zakuul, and all other types of shenanigans.

Although the calendar looks like it currently needs a little updating, keep an eye on it for those updates and know that for the time being the community here has two open community events on a recurring schedule:
 :lightside: On Friday nights, there is Dancer's Palace. This is a cross-faction non-themed social evening, set in a personal stronghold designed as a Nar Shaddaa club (bar/dining/dancing/social/cantina venue). @Seraphie is the SH owner and host, along with IC co-hosting duties from @Karmic.
 :lightside: On Thursday nights, there is Jedi Night. This event is hosted by one of the community's Jedi guilds, Jedi Custodum, but other community members are welcome to offer to host one of these nights and run the show if they have a Jedi-themed event planned that they'd like to open to the community; just coordinate with the Custodum hosts on this thread. Jedi Night is open to all Jedi and Jedi-friends, and might either be a structured adventure, a lesson in Jedi teachings, or just an un-structured social gathering.

There have been other recurring events in the past, and I'm sure there will be again in future. It's always a question of finding a committed host and getting enough participation to keep a series going. Those things are always in flux, so just keep an eye out for changes.

In game, I suggest you /cjoin republicooc and /cjoin imperialooc which are the two channels most often used to coordinate impromptu RP, or to just socially chat with other RPers.

P.S. Err... it took me forever to click "post" on this and by the time I did, I see Seraphie already told you about Dancer's Palace. :) You've got the skinny now straight from the source! Perhaps we'll see you there!
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Re: ((OOC)) You can call me Aris
« Reply #3 on: 09/25/17, 11:34:46 AM »
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Hey, Aristedes! I just wanted to offer a belated hello and welcome. I hope you find this community to be as supportive and fun as it has been for me. I look forward meeting your characters and seeing you about!
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Re: ((OOC)) You can call me Aris
« Reply #4 on: 09/25/17, 01:51:01 PM »
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Heya Aris! Welcome!
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