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Hi folks.  Just wanted to say hi again.  I know I've been silent for some time, not formally gone but only able to get on a few times a month at unpredictable times with work schedule and timezone shifts.  Needless to say hard to keep up on plots, though could give a few updates on what my characters up to if folks have interest.   Thinking of all of you, and hope to  sneak by Palace and lurk pubside some Sat and Sun evenings.  If I can get a bit more sanity in my schedule I'm hoping to make a few of our Wraiths Meetings open RP's again for folks to hop by.  Mostly just missing folks and wanted to say hi. 

Hiya Caben. :wave: We miss you too but I understand. I'm battling with my job for time too. You take care and try not to get too worn out. :)

Thanks Imazi.  Some rough rumors about each of my characters, if any want to do any catchup or try to contact via PM in the meantime. 

Caben Still a prominent Admiral leading Wraiths and naval ops for Alliance-aligned remnants of the Coalition folks out of the base after Liberation of Tatooine, mostly underworld folks not pulled away by Imperial or Jedi obligations and our own core of solidly ex-Republic do-gooders.  Rumors of some tension though, they follow orders while continue building their own power base on the Rim, helping border worlds in the Republic, Empire, Zakuul or Hutt Space open to trade or protection services. 

Maerin Remains aloof from Core Jedi business and mostly centered on the Rim, high level Jedi would know she continues to look after the Adegan Base for the Custodum as a secret refuge if ever needed, but rumors have her popping up in Nar Shaddaa, but less publicly or at the family home, more underworld circles.  Her aims are unclear, but a few contacts and companies she trusts may start to receive covert orders for food, arms and medical supplies.  Sometimes appears on Tython and more rarely Coruscant. 

Daimren Visiting Alderaan to help the Enclave rebuild as duties allow, his more public noble persona while his Wraiths work remains largely undercover.  Continues mentoring the Fury's Defenders and other Tython militia forces.  Like his mother, avoiding much contact with the Republic but traveling more openly in the Core than other Wraiths with Alderaanian Jedi diplomatic contacts when not undercover. 

Gorven-Kremmel Continuing his Free Tatooine Anarchist Conclave at the Greasy Hutt, with more open ties to Wraith and other Coalition Forces.  Maintain a base on Western Rim of Outlaws Den Along Dune Sea, Coalition base is on the Eastern side at an abandoned Exchange cave system. 

Mahlra Vok My Mandolorian, has recently brought over Clan Vok fully into House Galaar to join with Urziya's growing group.  Rumor has it SOME may have also claimed ownership of one of the 2 Hutt Cartel Warships loaned to the Coalition during the War which Admiral Caben had asked them to crew.  No word on Hutt responses to this, but it no doubt includes a lot of spittle and the crushing of small animals.  There were also plans to "expand to neutral worlds" in the original deal with the Coalition, so it will be interesting to see how the Hutts plan to play things after the end of the Zakuul Wars. 

Those are my mains, I'll fill in secondary as needed but feel free to PM me a story idea.  I'm especially interesting in connecting with any who still identify with the Coalition, recall a few merc groups and some rogue Sith expressed interest along with the core folks like Wraiths, Krayt Dragon Cartel and Twin Moons

Sending a brief Christmas/Yule/Solstice greeting to all.  I'm not sure I'll have a lot of time this week but trying to lurk a tiny bit.  I hope all are doing well. 

Was also curious what regular events are happening these days, just Jedi Night or are there still some Friday hangouts too? 

I'm afraid I don't know about events anymore. However, It's good to hear from you. :) :wave:


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