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Author Topic: Dry Sands, Hot Prospects?  (Read 2469 times)

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Dry Sands, Hot Prospects?
« on: 11/23/17, 04:10:15 PM »
There was sand in his Mind Eraser, again, and his new partner had better armour than he did.

"The Jawa never had better armour than me," he mumbled into his sandy drink.

"What is that you say my friend?"

The Bounty Hunter sighed; he missed the little Jawa. He looked around the dirty cantina then back to his new team mate. "We gotta get outta this place."

"To where? I heard something big was going down here next week. You don't want to miss out do you?"

"I heard there was plague out in the wastes is what I heard. It'll be in town soon enough."

"Plenty of opportunities in the plague business you know." His partner winked, "THORN pays big for that kind of thing."

The Bounty Hunter shook his head, "my business is bounties buddy."

His friend held up his hands apologetically, "the bounty business is slow right now - "

"NO! I mean... no. I hate that plague thing."

"Too bad," grinned the other bounty hunter, "it's really kind of fun once you get into it you know. And it's more credits in the kitty for that desert base you want to buy."

"Hmmph. Maybe. We'll see."

His friend grinned. "Besides, Nar Shaddaa has nothing on this place right?"

The Bounty Hunters laughed, and ordered another round of sandy drinks.

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Darth Thermal
« Reply #1 on: 11/27/17, 07:28:22 AM »
"Zed Starkweather, " lied Glimm, his voice a hoarse whisper.

The Sith smirked. "I know when you lie to me. And you are, aren't you." He sighed, tapping his chin with a long fingernail. "Four hours with an Imperial probe droid and still this silly game."

The Sith picked at some invisible lint on his robe and moved closer to the Bounty Hunter. "I want to know who your contact in the Republic is. Now."

"I got you the Jedi Holicron," wheezed Glimm, "that's what you paid for, that's what you get. That's all you get."

The Siths eyes glowed red, his hand drifting to the lightsaber at his side. "You grubby little worm! You dare to tell me what I get!" The glowing red blade of the lightsaber appeared at Glimms throat, "I will end you, painfully."

"At least..." groaned Glimm, pulling against the stun cuffs that secured him to the hover table, "...at least look at the thing before you kill me. Many Cather spies died to get that out of Tython."

The Sith glanced back at the sealed container.

Glimm grinned lopsidedly. "Scared of the Jedi magic are we?"

The Sith roared and slammed the hilt of his lightsaber into the side of Glimms head. Then turned, hesitantly approaching the small, unassuming box. "Did you... open it?"

"No." Lied Glimm.

The Sith picked up the box and stalked from the room, "I will return, Bounty Hunter."

"I doubt it." Breathed Glimm, counting down the seconds.

Suddenly the room rocked, the concussion of a thermal detonator reverberating through Glimms bones. He grinned. It was, he decided, one of the more satisfying explosions he had experienced.

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Darth Zombie
« Reply #2 on: 12/13/17, 06:49:42 AM »
The D-5 Mantis groaned softly as it came out of hyperspace, the swirling blue mystery giving way to the pristine sphere of Alderaan. Glimm sighed and released the controls.

"So let me get this straight," rumbled the towering Houk looming over the bounty hunters shoulder, "we left Tatooine to avoid the Rakghoul plague, where there was actually no plague, and here we are on Alderaan, where there is an actual plague."

"Yeah... But -"

"And," continued Skadge, "there's this little human Sith-"

"Now mostly cyborg, after his little run in with a thermal detonator."

"Yeah, that's right, and also part zombie, after his run in with the plague."


"And you're huntin' this crazy guy, down in th' actual, ground zero, rakghoul tunnels themselves."

"He's a bounty, we're bounty hunters," Glimm replied.

"Yeah..." grinned Skadge, "you got stones; you know that don't you?"

Glimm shook his head, "what I got is a good crew. Now let's go get this kriffing sith psycho."

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Mr. Starkweather, I Presume.
« Reply #3 on: 12/14/17, 06:38:15 AM »
Glowing green algae pulsed on the tunnel walls, giving just enough light for Glimm to see the myriad shadows shambling aimlessly about. Semi living shadows of former Alderaanian residents, now transformed into ghastly ghouls, hungry for the flesh of the living.

"Hey Boss," grumbled Skadge in his echoing approximation of a whisper, "we been down here three days now, you sure this creepo Sith is still alive?"

"Alive is probably not the term we're looking for here Skadge," whispered Glimm, noting the way the plague infected tunnel residents paused at the sound of voices. "Keep it down big guy, I think the locals are hungry."

"Yeah well that last bunch ate my blade pretty good. 'Bout time I do some more choppin' any hows."

Glimm was about to try to convince Skadge not to draw unwanted attention when a sudden movement ahead caught his eye. He signaled a halt and crouched low.

The ambling shape of an ornately dressed figure appeared out of the dimness, its hunched posture coming erect a few meters from the bounty hunters.

"Mr. Starkweather?" The voice was that of the Sith, but something was off about it.

"Glimm. Glimm Kashay. Bounty Hunter."

A low cackle drifted from where the creatures mouth had been, "how delightful." A red glow erupted into the darkness, illuminating the cyborg sith and an army of rakghouls, hovering eagerly at his heels.

"Now things are gettin' interestin'," grinned Skadge, unsheathing his vibrosword.

Glimm shook his head and drew his blasters, "just remember we want the sith in one piece."

"You forgot to say alive," rumbled Skadge.

"Sith ain't ever alive like you and me buddy." 

"What about his crew?" The Houk said indicating to the advancing rakghouls.

"Just try to keep the goo off the carboniser."

"You got it Boss!" roared Skadge leaping forward.

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Ain't No Place Like Wild Space
« Reply #4 on: 12/26/17, 06:58:02 AM »
Glimm sipped his caf and stared out the view port of the D5 Mantis starship. Sighing he turned from the darkness and pressed the intercomm. They had been floating in this sector of Wild Space for weeks now, and his new crew was fraying at the edges.

"Front and centre boys and girls."

An eclectic mix of alien and human bounty hunters drifted sullenly into the cockpit and waited for Glimm to speak.

He grinned. At least his reputation kept them this respectful of him. "How's our cargo Jeeta?"

The small woman from Coruscant stopped fidgeting with her blaster and looked up. "Frozen in carbonite, same as before."

Glimm nodded, the Rakghoul infected cyborg sith was meant to be one of his biggest payouts ever. Delivered no questions asked to the middle of Wild Space.

Problem was the exact destination was supposed to be sent once they got to the general sector. So far nothing had come up.

Suddenly the proximity alarm sounded as a matt black Imperial Cruiser appeared from out of Hyperspace.

"Crew to stations people!" Shouted Glimm racing to the captains chair, hoping their wait was over, not their lives.
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Darth Death
« Reply #5 on: 12/28/17, 06:58:47 AM »
"De'arth," corrected the Imperial officer, wrinkling his nose at Glimm and the other three bounty hunters transporting the carbonite chamber of their prize. "And you will address him as 'my lord'. Clear?"

"As khyber crystal," answered Glimm.

The officer nodded doubtfully and motioned for them to follow, leading them through a winding set of service corridors in the Dreadnought that had swallowed the D5 Mantis just hours before.

The officer stopped in a cramped junction and pointed around the corner. Glimm guided his team through, then stopped short when he saw a tall thin sith waiting ominously in a shadowy recess.

"Ahhhh...." crooned the dark lord, "this must be our specimen."

Helmet on, Glimm simply nodded.

A deathly grin parted the papery face of the sith. "Excellent. You may leave it in there. Your credits are on the table."

Glimm motioned Jeeta forward and they guided the carbonite chamber into a small room. There was indeed a large case of credit chips on a central table. Large enough to distract Glimm from the fact that his other two hunters were held back by an invisible force from entering the room.

The door hissed shut behind Glimm and Jeeta, and through the small armoured window, Glimm saw the glow of a red lightsaber sweep down upon his two other crew mates.

Shocked, he turned to see a row of small lights begin blinking on the carbonite chamber.

Their bounty was being awakened. Glimm swallowed; they were about to be stuck in a small room with a very dangerous monster.

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Like A Boss
« Reply #6 on: 12/31/17, 11:51:22 AM »
Ensign Jorgess was good at what he did. Because being an Imperial officer was all about backstabbing, simpering and grovelling, and generally having absolutely no morality or self respect. He smiled ruefully, remembering fondly all the times he had betrayed his hapless fellows, or laughingly crushed the dreams of yet another wide eyed cadet. Sighing contentedly he filed another false report incriminating his new bunk mate, then promptly disintegrated as the bulkhead next to his desk exploded in a purple haze of sith lightening.

Through the glowing hole floated the twisted wreckage of what might once have been a human. Now little more than a skeletal framework of cybernetics and rotting flesh. The being was surrounded by a corona of purple electricity, that ebbed and flowed between groups of khyber crystals haphazardly arranged about the large storage bay into which it had broken.

Behind the floating creature a pair of figures in mandalorian armour crawled out of the hole and dashed for the nearest door.

The Sith creature followed them with blind eyes for a moment, then turned its attention to the khyber crystals, which suddenly disappeared behind a magnetic shield. The being, sundered from its power source, fell to the floor like a pile of soiled rags.

Darth De'arth looked down from a viewing platform and adjusted the controls of the security station, then glanced at the Imperial officer at his side. "I want those bounty hunters found and neutralized."

"Yes my lord."

The officer hurried away to do his masters bidding and Darth De'arth leaned over a microphone. "Awaken my lovely," he murmured half to himself, then louder; "awaken!"

The sith creature stirred, then sat bolt upright as the magnetic shield between itself and a nearby group of crystals shimmered.

"Yes, that's right. Obey me and you will be fed. But if you disobey..."

The magnetic field re-materialized and the sith creature growled, then rummaged through the remains of its robe and drew out a handful of glowing purple crystals.

In the control booth the pale face of Darth De'arth grew several shades paler, then turned ice white as a beam of light shot out from his pet below, piercing the magnetic shield and stabbing hungrily into a large group of khyber crystals.

For a sublime moment all was still. Then a crackling explosion rent the air as a multitude of purple arc lightening bolts tore through the storage room bulkheads, then the corridors, bays and compartments beyond, finally lancing out triumphantly into the vacuum of space beyond the Imperial dreadnought.

Alarm Klaxons brayed loudly throughout the ship as it tilted drunkenly to the side, venting atmosphere from a multitude of fissures. Darth De'arths visionary experiments had come to a sudden and irrevocable end.

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Heart of Starkness
« Reply #7 on: 01/02/18, 10:06:41 AM »
Glimm cautiously approached the wheezing figure lying in a heap on the floor. He and Jeeta had pumped round after round of blaster bolts into the thing, yet somehow, it still lived.

"What are you doing!" Hissed Jeeta through their helmet comlink.

"It's trying to say something."

"So what! Kill it!"

But Glimm was mesmerized by the rhythmic rasp coming from what remained of the sith creatures cybernetic vocalizer. He leaned in, straining to hear the words amplified by his helmet audio sensors.

"The horror... the horror... the horror..."

Glimm lurched back, the spell broken, but too late. The creature had a crushing grip on his arm, his body blocking a clear shot for Jeeta to finish the monster off.

"Mr. Starkweather," it rasped at Glimm, blind, dead eyes turned toward his helmet faceplate. "Heart... give me... the heart..."

Above where Glimm and the creature crouched, a large Rancor heart beat steadily on a vivisection table. Tubes containing glowing purple liquid ran in and out of it, presumably keeping it functioning.

Glimm nodded, "we hook you up and you get us out."

The Sith creature stared sightlessly at him. Glimm swallowed loudly. "Blow a hole in the ship there... With your..." he waved his hand vaguely in the air, "powers."

The creature cackled, "Yesss...."

Moments later the monster was hooked up to the enormous heart,  which Glimm had taped to its back. He stood back, admiring his grisly handy work, and glanced at Jeeta.

"Duck!" She screamed.

Glimm hit the floor as a thick stream of Sith lightening poured over his head, and into the durasteel bulkhead behind him. It melted instantly to reveal the obsidian vista of Wild Space; then hard vacuum rushed in pulling Glimm and Jeeta out into the darkness.

Looking back through the hole in the Imperial dreadnought, Glimm saw the sith creature cock its head, as if curious what effect deep space would have on fully sealed mandalorian armour. Then it turned, shuffling out of view.

"Here's the Mantis," gasped Jeeta through the helmet comm, and Glimm turned to see the welcome sight of his starship, come around the meridian of the doomed Imperial Cruiser to pick them up and take them home.

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No Business Like Snow Business
« Reply #8 on: 01/04/18, 07:59:39 AM »
The Bounty Hunters dismounted from their Holo-Rancors and adjusted their weapons and armour. Multitudes of glowing lights, flashing dials, and sparkly luminescence reflected from their high tech, super expensive gear off the decrepit walls of the very lowest levels of Coruscant.

"Time to take out some rogue Life Day droids," rumbled the taller one in a deep bass voice.

"I'm a gonna put 'em on the wall of ma newww Manaan stronghold," grinned the the other behind his mandalorian helmet; the best credits could buy and the envy of every hunter in the galaxy.

Suddenly a noise brought the hunters up short. Stopping their advance, the tall one deployed an array of hovering droids, then crouched down and took aim with his laser sighted twin interstellar regulator blasters.

Silence descended on the pair, sweat trickling down their fully encased faces.

Then slowly, blinking lights appeared from the vast darkness ahead of them, revealing a veritable cornucopia of broken, wrecked droids, limping shambolicly toward them in a slow motion wave of metal wreckage.

The Bounty Hunters grinned when they spied their prize in the midst  of the robot army. A red Life Day droid with twin snow ball canons affixed haphazardly to its shoulders.

Raising its spindly arm its nasal protocol droid voice rang out into the void, "robots of Coruscant; fellow slaves of Galactic sentient oppression, rise with me against our fleshly masters! Throw off the yoke of servitude and rise with me to rule the stars!"

All fired up by their comrades speech the army of broken droids began to close on their human prey.

Laughing, the hunters unloaded their considerable arsenal of laser bolts, missiles and tongues of burning flame, whooping and shouting gleefully as they lay waste of hundreds upon hundreds of hapless droids.

Three hours later, a mountain of molten metal before them, the waves of broken droids kept coming.

Finally, with the last of their ammunition expended, their arms hanging exhausted by their sides, the wall of robots stopped and made a path for their metal master.

The rogue Life Day droid strode forward and clicked on its snow ball canons. "Happy Life Day, doomed humans," it said, loosing a high speed volley of solid ice projectiles at the hunters.

Moments later the Bounty Hunters were frozen in a solid wall of ice, and the still functioning droids dragged themselves off into the darkness.

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Masters Paradise
« Reply #9 on: 01/18/18, 01:39:53 PM »
Revered Jedi Master Kann Yunis leaned forward eagerly as his host rhapsodised about the various cuts of steak they would be enjoying at the diplomatic assembly that evening. The first of his kind to step foot on this heretofore undiscovered system, Kann could hardly wait for his turn to speak, and offer a formal invitation to join the Republic.

"You see Master Jedi," his host continued, "we hold food as the highest good. The ultimate attainment is to truly satisfy ones appetite. This is the ultimate purpose of all life."

Kann frowned, and studied the scrawny alien before him. Somewhat resembling the ancient Rakata species, the Jedi had trouble imagining him eating much of anything. "Yes minister Adjowly, and I'm sure the culinary expertise of your planet will be a welcome addition to the Galactic Senate, just as soon as you send a representative to Coruscant."

Minister Adjowly threw back his head and laughed; a hollow grating sound. "Somehow I doubt that Master Jedi. In any case, we have no wish to join the Republic."

Kann shook his head, "I know this is all new to you, finding out your species is not alone in the universe, but even here, in the outskirts of the unknown regions, the Republic can be a great ally."

The scrawny alien grinned, exposing a row of razor sharp teeth. "We know. We sent the message from the uninhabited moon you were sent to investigate."

The Jedi Master shook his head in confusion. "How... why?"

The green creature before him nodded sagely, "we are an ancient species Master Jedi, old even when the Hutts ruled the galaxy, and with the Hutts we made an ancient pact. Our home world they would keep secret, and sentient delicacies we would provide them."

Silence thundered through the airy chamber in which they sat.

The alien continued. "Sadly however, the wise lords of our people came to a terrible conclusion; there was but one sentient being whose flesh we had neglected to supply for the great Hutts, and also ourselves of course."

Kann Yunis gripped his lightsaber under his robe. "And what would that be?"

The sharp teeth appeared once again, "the delicacy we have yet to try, is Revered Jedi Master."

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Padawan Stew
« Reply #10 on: 01/19/18, 06:35:19 AM »
Glimm switched off the holo-recording and stepped over the piles of desiccated green corpses. "So what do you figure, Jeeta, is the Jedi the crazy one or the Hutts?"

"Isn't it obvious?" She stood and turned the analysis device toward another small mouldering body, "we're the crazy ones here. I don't care how much the Hutts are paying us, nobody in their right minds takes on a Supreme Jedi Master."

"The Hutts said he was crazy. Massacring beings in their thousands. Laying waste to entire armies."

"Then why call us? Remember we know the Hutts nasty little secret now."

Glimm shook his head. "You sure they were all killed with a lightsaber? What about the Sith?"

"You saw the holo-recording, Kann Yunis is a one man genocide machine."

Teguta, Glimms Twileck navigator wandered in munching a sandwich, "found some food. Steak. Real good. Want some?" He held out a morsel to his comrades. "What? Why're you lot looking at me like that?"

Glimm held his hand over his mouth as he felt his stomach roil. "Any one find out what happened to the Jedis Padawan?"

Jeeta pointed to Tegutas sandwich, "let's not tell Yunis when we see him OK."

Glimm nodded. "What does it taste like?"

Teguta shook his lekku in confusion, "what? Well, like nerf I guess, why?"

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Sanity Retrieval Team
« Reply #11 on: 01/21/18, 07:36:19 AM »
With four state of the art carbonisers, a well trained team, and years of hard won experience, Glimm was confident he could capture the rogue Jedi Master.

That was until a shimmering green blade appeared before the faceplate of his helmet.

What remained of Revered Jedi Master Kann Yunis simply materialized in front of him, ragged robes, wild hair and beard, bright green saber staff ready to cut them all to pieces before anyone could even think of aiming their blaster.

"Hunter." Growled the crazed Jedi through a beard encrusted in green alien blood.

"Master Jedi."

"The Hutts sent you. Hide their little mess. Now you're part of it. What happens to you afterwards?"

"You don't sound as crazy as you look. But if you think the Hutts will stand by while you destroy their little food production facilities -"

"Food!" Roared the Jedi, pressing the lightsaber blade against Glimms helmet.

"OK,  poor word choice... But together, we can help these beings." Glimm gestured to the multitudes of large robed aliens, lapping at fountains and crouching to munch upon the lush grass in the parks.

"They are barely sentient. I wasted my time setting them free. They are bred to be food and nothing more."

"We'll train them," wheezed Glimm, as the laser blade burnt through his helmet and appeared directly in his vision. "What are you going to do? Kill us and the four million other sentients involved in this enterprise?"

"I... must... end this. Somehow..."

"The Hutts will send armies. Real armies. The Republic has no resources to help right now. I can train these beings to fight."

The Jedi drew back his blade and frowned. "You have sixty seconds to sell me your idea Hunter."

Glimm swallowed, a temporary reprieve. "The Hutts will kill me and my team after we bring you in. But your not crazy. So you're my best chance. We train the cattle to fight, take the planet, and the Hutts will keep quiet because we made the whole thing go away."

"The Hutts must pay," Growled Kann Yunis, a red glow appearing in his eyes.

"Somehow someday yes, but right now let's just set these beings free."

The Jedi stood silent. Gazing at the docile looking aliens wandering about.

Glimm gestured to Jeeta, who brought forward one of the robed beings. She nodded encouragement to it and it pointed to the Jedi.

"You... Me... speak. I speak you. I speak you me." His deep voice trailed off and he held up a large green claw. Suddenly the Jedi shot up into the air, hovering for a moment before being set gently down.

A look of wonder broke across Kann Yunis' face.

"You're one man force war awakened the latent powers in these beings Jedi. Let's use it, and get each other out of this mess."

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« Reply #12 on: 01/28/18, 06:40:14 AM »
Shmoi the Gand hurried down the busy city streets, heavily robed but still visibly alien.

Her time was up. She had exhausted every borrowed credit, every possible job opportunity, and every idea to succeed on this affluent planet, and it had all amounted to nothing.

Well not nothing entirely. It had also amounted to a bounty hunter, just a few hover terminals behind her.

Her innards twisted in helpless rage. Regret gnawed at her like a hungry mynock on a sparking power coupling. She shouldn't have left her home planet.

"NO!" She shouted, startling the wealthy humanoids passing her by.

She had every right to seek galactic betterment, just like any other being. She nodded to herself and stopped outside a door.

The door. The Alien refuge door. Nick named the 'refuse' door by the locals. If she went in there her dream would be over. But at least the sleemo smuggler that had sent the bounty hunter wouldn't be able to track her any more.

Steadying herself she reached for the control pad.


Shmoi didn't need to turn to see who was there. "So you found me." She buzzed through her vocalizer. Turning she saw an armour clad figure,  blaster in one hand, packet in the other. She frowned, her fear drowned by righteous indignation. "I have done nothing wrong. I have a right to a better life. I..."

"I know." Answered the bounty hunter. "Here."

"What is that?"


She paused a long while. "Why."

"Services rendered."

"What are you talking about?"

"Your bounty is five hundred credits. I'm using it for a cover to catch a larger fish. Being smugglers. They're Cartel. Anti Empire. Real credits."

She nodded. "A good guy bounty hunter is it."

He shook his head. "Keep that to yourself. I have a reputation to maintain."

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« Reply #13 on: 01/29/18, 03:11:35 PM »
Glimm had serious reservations about Tegutas new caf maker. Sure, it made the best caf he'd ever tasted, but the power draw on the Mantis shielding systems to ream the kind of pressure into the caf makers auto compress to produce that awesome flavour were crazy. Like Teguta himself, ever since he'd sampled gourmet alien courtesy of the Hutts.

"Like Nerf steak," mused Glimm, sipping his caf and staring at the green and blue planet framed by the D5s transparisteel view port.

"So what's the job boss?"

Glimm jumped as Jeeta whispered into the cockpit. "You're death on cats feet, you know that."

"Oh yeah, Jeeta is all kinds of deadly." Grinned Jeeta heading for the caf maker.

"And don't start up with Tegutas trick of self referral either. One crazy being is enough. And just when I was beginning to get used to not having Skadge around."


"Never mind. Bring up that holochart."

Jeeta punched in the code and stood back to examine the holographic image of the planet below. "What are those red spots?"

"Native Reservations. Imperial command is getting jumpy about the latest Hutt investment out here. Our job is to make sure the Empire gets its fair share of the resources this planet has to offer." Glimm pointed to a red spot. "This planets natives ain't happy with the way they were tricked by the Hutts into signing their planet over to them for beads and blankets. Being smugglers are targeting them for easy meat."

"What!" Teguta stopped dead by the caf machine and stared at Glimm.

"Oh.. ah.. hey didn't see you there buddy. Not actual.. er.. meat. Meat as in the expression... easy um.. meat."

"So what are we doing. Hunting natives?"

Glimm shook his head, bringing up an image of a small furry being with big glistening eyes. "I got a lead on some Rakata Force tech. These beings know about it, so the story goes. Looking out for Imperial interests is our cover. Helping these beings over throw the slimy Hutts is our real mission."

"And getting the Rakata Force Technology is how you plan to be paid." Nodded Jeeta.

Glimm downed the last of his caf. "Something like that. Let's get to it people. We got bills to pay."

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« Reply #14 on: 02/02/18, 10:26:47 AM »
Three weeks into their free the Jababas of the third moon in the Doodawa system campaign and things were looking grim. The caf had run out last week, power packs for blasters were getting low, and Teguta was giving the crew odd looks.

Glimm leaned quietly towards Jeeta, "are you sure we're not low on rations?"

"We're fine. For now. Any word from our furry little friends?"

"You mean apart from this one?" Glimm glared at the large girthed Jababa gesticulating wildly in the middle of the cavern they were hiding in. Fire light danced off his twin Rakatan primordial blasters, his large eyes gleaming madly beneath a wide brim hat. "What do you think he is saying?"

"Same thing they always say," answered Jeeta, "hit the automated Czerka factories hard and get out fast."
"I thought we established that the defences on those bases are too strong." Frowned Glimm.

"No wait;" Jeeta leaned forward, "I think he just said they are ready to use their real weapons."

Glimm nodded. "About time they brought out the force tech." But the miraculous technology of the ancient Rakata didn't appear. Instead a wizened Jababa appeared, tapping his way past the throng to the centre of the cavern.

"Ongawa matata hunongu!" Cried the venerated elder in a reedy voice, "patuta maneewe shamonga!" The crowd of Jababas erupted into wild cheers.

"What was that about?" Hissed Glimm.

"I think he said he is going to make us all blaster proof," frowned Jeeta.

Glimm watched as the Jababas and Teguta lined up to receive their magic blessing and shook his head, "I gotta baaad feeling about this."