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Author Topic: Crafting RP  (Read 789 times)

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Crafting RP
« on: 11/30/17, 08:25:07 PM »
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So my new job makes it nearly impossible for me to know when I'll be available to attend or host RP events.  This is particularly frustrating as a GM, in which capacity I'm the principal authority for planning such occasions to advance guild lore.  I was struck by a neat idea today for an 'event' I'd like feedback on.

In current game lore, the Galaxy is suffering from a resource crisis, affecting both the Empire and the Republic profoundly.  In real life, the Christmas season is upon us.  I think it would be fun to host a crafting RP 'event' that uses the game's current resource war as a backdrop.

The rough idea I have is that Impside, Moff Herrmann and Governor Heermann (( @Elym )) will sponsor a new public program to encourage Imperial citizens to become proactively engaged in contributing their time and resources to help mitigate the impact of the materials shortage.  What I'd like to see is players craft items to exchange with other players, except all this would be done IC.  We could perhaps make a sort of 'Wish List' of items players would like to receive (mounts, decorations, stims, armor, etc.).

Is this something anyone would be interested in?  I suppose it could be like a 'Secret Santa' where people craft the items they'll exchange and it'll all be done IC.

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Re: Crafting RP
« Reply #1 on: 11/30/17, 08:36:41 PM »
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This would be fun, you'd probably have to see what people are actually able to craft though. And with how much luck is required to get the right materials for some things (cough cough prefabs), it's possible that some people might have to drop out after going broke and not getting a single purple material.

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Re: Crafting RP
« Reply #2 on: 11/30/17, 09:28:07 PM »
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That is an awesome idea. I'd love to get involved... only the problem is that I have no crafters. :( And Squiggly's observation is also pretty true.

An IC secret santa, as a more general thing, would be very cool though. We could post what kind of things our characters like or want (rather than individual items), and do it that way.
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Re: Crafting RP
« Reply #3 on: 12/01/17, 08:36:29 AM »
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One of my characters happens to get festive for the holidays anyway xD
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Re: Crafting RP
« Reply #4 on: 12/01/17, 10:17:21 AM »
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One day i'll get around to PMing you an IC mail from Karmic about her desire to donate extra mats (BOGO! For Imperial's friends planet building!  :evil: ) to the Heerman's planet building/division's material stocks...

One day...  lol.

on topic: I think Squigg and Noth make good points - not everyone is a crafter, or has available mats for what people want that can be crafted.

However, that "idea event" expanded to not just crafted goods but whatever secret santa gifts people might want to use/request...I'm sure would be great.

(This isn't me signing up; I am not really one to get involved with secret santa's myself but I know many others quite enjoy them!)

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