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Author Topic: the last jedi [spoiler city]  (Read 6084 times)

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Re: the last jedi [spoiler city]
« Reply #75 on: 03/08/18, 10:23:39 AM »
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Now I like the scene itself...

My attempt at an explanation WAS to make sense of the "they cut it - there's a reason."  Whether I agree with it or not.

Mucho has been made about the lady in the armor by diehards (Phasma) but for movie goers like myself - she's just that "a lady in some cool armor."  She's not a cool character to be flushed out, she's a shiny Stormtrooper Type D.

That's it.

So to me - the logic of "this doesn't add much to the movie other than make another long speech scene in front of a bad guy supposedly waiting to kill you", makes sense.  It slows down an action fight scene with dialogue that just repeats the point of the whole movie (and many people feel those points were already iterated enough ad naesum).

I like it because I like the characters and actors and thus like any additional interaction between them to add more "stuff".  But I can still see several reasons why they felt this "added nothing really" in making decisions of what gets cut.

Also, making the lady in the armor more human just makes it less of a badass fight/accomplishment to then kill her.  Keeping her behind the mask as a literally faceless Tough Captain of the Empire, keeps her scarier.

Darth Vadar was never less scary than when he was a weak old man.  Think about the different feel of all the movies if they showed the weak old man's face in IV instead of waiting for VI.

As much as I'm like "cool more Finn!" i'm also like "yea this doesn't really serve a need" I get it. 

But I never had a need/desire for Phasma (Or Bobba Fett) to be flushed out.  They are background characters in the movies that have no story until Disney makes them have one.  Sounds like they decided not to make more out of Phasma than her 2 bit part in the movies, no matter what the Legends may have done with her.  Suddenly taking this "random shiny mask" character and giving her more meaning than she has anywhere else in the movie - suddenly feels like a merchandising strategy for me, and not a story decision. *shrugs*

NOW - if they did it just to bring her back as a half-stormtrooper droid later on; well then I'd change my mind and wish they'd have killed her off.
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Re: the last jedi [spoiler city]
« Reply #76 on: 05/17/18, 07:40:34 AM »
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I finally saw TLJ a few weeks ago and quite enjoyed it. The pacing wasn't awful like in TFA, and those space B-17s Resistance bombers were cool af. I'd have preferred to see upgraded Y-Wings, but anything with a ball turret is automatically badass, so what we got is fine.

Really enjoyed the throne room scene in particular, and the design of the throne room itself.

And I did the Praetorian Guard look six months before the sequel trilogy even started. Pay me, Disney. :P