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Good evening!

I'm a recently returned player.  Having been back in the game long enough to get comfortable, for the most part, I've been considering what to do in the light of the server merges, as well as the dissolution of my previous (small) playing group.  So, I've joined new guilds, am looking for new people to get to know, and figured I'd check out the RP scene these days. 

I used to RP in Star Wars: Galaxies many, many moons ago.  I haven't really done so in any MMO for years, at this point, but the urge is still there.  I can't help but create elaborate backstories for all my multitude of characters, no matter which MMO I'm in, and SWTOR is no exception.  I apparently cannot just make a char and go shoot stuff.  I have to make a char, then figure out what he or she wants to shoot, and why, and who does he/she know that might be willing to help him/her shoot stuff, and who has he or she shot in the past, and who are his or her family members and what look should he or she have and why and and and and and .... 

Other bits of info about me:

* I have chars of both factions, naturally, but vastly prefer Imperial (specifically, Sith classes).
* I'm fascinated by the history of the Sith, and spend entirely too much time wondering about their theology and the actual details of their religious belief system.
* I work full-time, Eastern time zone, night shift, Wed-Sat at present, which does rather impinge on my gaming time, but I do rather enjoy being able to pay my bills, so that's unlikely to change soon.   :grin:
* The Legacy Family Tree feature is one of my favorite aspects of this game.  I wish every MMO had something like that.

Looking forward to meeting and getting to know everyone.  I've not yet decided which (minor) char I wish to start RPing with, but will throw together a signature with the appropriate info or something similar, soon.

Hello! Imperials and Sith are always welcome here, at least the ones who are actually evil and not just light-sided heretics. :P


Welcome! Hope to see you at some of our weekly and not-so-weekly events!

In game, make sure you join the custom channels to find the bunch of us!

/cjoin Imperialooc
/cjoin Republicooc
/cjoin Rp (same both sides)

Hey here, welcome! It's nice seeing more Imps joining. We need more RPers over there.

Echoing to make sure to join the custom channels. We don't have an Imperial themed event right now, and Jedi Night runs over your work schedule, but you should be able to make Mondays (Independents Night - bring your scum and villains to Rishi and enjoy the underworld) and the odd Saturday one-off event since we tend to do those earlier in the day.

Looking forward to seeing you in-game!


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