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Author Topic: Dealing with the Alliance  (Read 1047 times)

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Dealing with the Alliance
« on: 02/16/18, 05:28:30 AM »
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Since I'm a newcomer to this community, I don't have the personal experience to know how you all have dealt with the Eternal Alliance.  I saw a bit of discussion in the Schroedinger's Galaxy thread that touched on the Alliance, but I'm more curious to know how many fully accept it in their RP canon, how many have chucked it entirely, and how many cherry-pick bits and pieces. 

Just curious, as I try to figure out my own stance and what it means for my chars.
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Re: Dealing with the Alliance
« Reply #1 on: 02/16/18, 06:02:06 AM »
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Hey Sotekh,

I've only recently returned to the community after a long absence, so I'm still a little unsure on the official ruling.

As far as my new Imp guild goes, tho; we will be considering ourselves up-to-speed with current Alliance standing.
Exact timeframe-ing is a bit tricky, especially as content is about to be released more frequently in short bursts of story; so our official guild ruling is a soft 'up to date with current Alliance activities' without specifics. So around Iokath-ish with room to maneuver. At that time, Empress Acina is pretty cozy with the Outlander, so we're assuming the position of 'tentative alliance and trading' with the Alliance, and maintaining a war against the Republic.
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Re: Dealing with the Alliance
« Reply #2 on: 02/16/18, 06:17:50 AM »
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Hey Sotekh. Going to link to that thread for people coming late to find it better: What To Do With Schrodinger's Galaxy...

What I've noticed people doing in RP is basically to leave things vague but basically assume that everyone is alive and the Iokath combat is a 3-way battle and not a 2-way one with the Outlander picking a side. It's... weird, but without Bioware's input as to a canon scenario, it is probably the best we're going to get. Auryn's version where potentially both sides are in an awkward trade-and-make-nice relationship with the Alliance also works too.

Of course, if you have an internal guild canon, then you can just use that! Makes things simple. But potentially awkward when interacting with other guilds.

I tend to play my characters as all kind of suspicious of the Outlander and Alliance, and leave things relatively vague when they talk about it, and roll with whatever the person I'm RPing with says next.
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Re: Dealing with the Alliance
« Reply #3 on: 02/16/18, 06:28:52 AM »
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I think a lot of people are still trying to figure it out, because what do you do when there's so many choices that have lasting effects on the galaxy? Or when basic knowledge about major organizations is unobtainable?

I've personally just tossed the whole thing, as far as i'm concerned ICly there's no Alliance or Zakuul or Iokath lol. The Emperor must have just disappeared or something. I've accepted most of the other stuff that's not directly related into my characters' canon tho, like Acina being empress and Saresh getting her shit kicked in.

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Re: Dealing with the Alliance
« Reply #4 on: 02/16/18, 08:07:24 AM »
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For my characters, Zakuul invasion happened, there's fighting on Iokath, and the Empire and Republic still hate each other. And my characters just keep on trucking. Its in their past and a background to their present, but I don't linger in it--even with one of my characters having lived i, Zakuul during the 5 year leap forward that happened. I just keep it vague and life moves on.
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Re: Dealing with the Alliance
« Reply #5 on: 02/16/18, 10:38:20 AM »
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 it's harder for my guild the Wraiths because we are forced to part ways with Republic and help the early fight with Proto Alliance elements because of our threat to corrupt elements in the government. we are still technically Alliance but more as independent privateers who don't deal with the Outlander anymore than we have to. we also have contacts with elements of all three government's trying to prevent the rise of super weapons. it's likely we'll eventually drift back to some work with the Republic but always maintaining our independence and internal military chain of command

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Re: Dealing with the Alliance
« Reply #6 on: 02/16/18, 01:40:55 PM »
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Pretty much with what Mei and others have said.

It happened - Zakul, Alliance and Iokath.  But the details are vague when and where they need to be. All sides v. the Empire are viewed as more hostile (as most sides and the Empire that are not Imperial are...lol) - we've never stopped being in a hot/cold war of some type with the Republic.

The Alliance is a "faction" for Karmic that she's interested in being more on friendly terms with (for the purposes of legal and illegal trade  :grin:) no matter what the Empire's stance due to her own interests (owning a large mining corporation with several camps on several planets in the Outer Rim; one of them home to a tradingpost).

She's been Icily on several missions to Iokath so, yes that exists too - everyone's out for the ooberweapon.

Icily Karmic spent the Zakul years more out on the Rim protecting her own ass/ets than anything else so I didn't have to figure out what else she would be doing inside the defeated Empire/under Zakul more directly.  Towards the end of the Occupation she joined up with the "coalition" (the IC name for our player cross-faction version of an alliance against zakul) to help defeat Zakul.  When things got back to normal, so did she - and so she picked back more in the Empire more or less where she left off; as a top level assassin and Darth reserved for high risk threats to the Empire from within/without (the roll of my defunct guild before it went defunct pre-zak) - and still CEO of her own Outer Rim corporation.

Makes it easier to be vague about her whereabouts during those years and more adaptable/malleable to people who are RPing around me and what roll she needs to take. 

Because ultimately my character's truth about the events/current status of the galaxy is dependent on who is RPing around me at the time.  If I was Rping with one of Squigg's characters and it never happened - then Karmic wouldn't be bringing it up and it can stay never happening.  If I'm Rping with a group of Alliance members, then she's more middle-ground friendly and if they say Acina is dead, alive, or a rockstar on tour - then I'm good with that.  *shrugs*

It isn't important to her character that I be more specific with who's dead, who's not, etc.  So I don't worry about it unless its important for the current RP plot going on.

I've been in this state of "we're all just trying to bolster our forces/gather resources/recover what we lost without losing too much more" in Karmic's head since the fall of Zakul and she's still there.

I think a good portion of our Rpers in this community are probably much the same - unless its a particular fact/person important to that particular character (for whatever reason) or the particular plot they are in - we tend to avoid imposing any specifics on anyone else because it *is* so officially unclear. 

I think it would really only arise as a problem between characters/individuals if you've got multiple people in an RP group and none of them are willing to "handwave" the particulars they disagree on for the sake of the RP.  I don't see that happening very often (if ever) around here.

Of course the only way to avoid the above issue is to discuss this OOCily with those other people if you were talking and realized your characters have two entirely different head canon truths.  I'm sure most of the time something can be worked out that is fine for everyone. 

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