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« on: 02/24/18, 01:00:06 PM »
((another small snippet of a scene :grin: ))



The breeze was slight, breaking the water’s surface into gentle waves that lapped softly against the synthetic shoreline of Sector 23. The man-made landmass sat atop the watery surface, isolated and untouched, just as IC-711 had been for a thousand years. The other Imperial settlements could barely be seen through the haze of distance that separated them by hundreds of kilometers. Yet the air was pure, free of pollutants that have come to plague the other Imperial worlds, giving the new Imperial colony a pristine light from the sun.

The H-type Nubian yacht descended quietly towards the sector’s platform. The vessel’s exterior was polished to a brilliant shine, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings; the crystal blue sky of the new world reflected from the surface. It was greeted with silence. Not a soul in sight.

Desolate. Isolated.


The ramp lowered with a soft hiss and Sergeant Bosque touched ground, his boots breaking the serene silence. He held his blaster rifle, alert and ready, as he scanned the sector with the scanner embedded in his helmet. There would be no risks taken on this mission, their cargo was far too valuable.

The sector was still, quiet… ghostly. If IC-711 wasn't a desolate water planet, he would easily be on edge. But as it was, it was this tranquility that the Sith Lord had desired.

“We're clear,” Sergeant Bosque called, his voice gruff, yet quiet as he addressed the medical team waiting inside the Sith Lord’s personal starship, the Ningjing zhi Guang. “Be careful,” he ordered them as they took extreme care lowering the enclosed case to the ground.

Inside their cargo, a young, mixed breed child of six years. Her raven hair reminiscent of her mother, while the red hue in her skin a vision of her pureblooded Sith father; the color dulled by her mother’s human genes. The child's eyes were closed, her breathing slow as she was in a deep slumber. She was unaware of her surroundings, yet felt the comforting presence of her mother around her.

Bosque’s eyes shifted deep inside the starship as Lady Bluedark came into view. She was a vision. A beauty of simple grace. Regal and refined. But her movement was laboured. Fatigued from the strain she had put herself under to comfort her daughter during the trip. She brushed a strand of black hair from her face and watched each step as she descended the ramp.

The Imperial sergeant offered her his hand, helping her down the ramp until she was on secure ground. She was a Sith Lord, yes, but there was fragility in her touch. She was careful and precise. What he knew, without a doubt, was that Mei'li Bluedark was unlike any Sith he had ever come across.

He watched as her gaze lifted, her emerald eyes sparkled in the vibrant light of the new world as she laid eyes on her new home. Her subdued expression was unchanged as she looked out at the vast ocean. There were no immediate landmasses. No spaceport. No bustling crowds. No starships in the sky. Even the personnel she required were minimal. It seemed all her specific requirements had been met.

The isolation was ideal.

“This way, my lady. It isn't far,” Bosque assured her.

“Thank you, Sergeant,” her voice was as soft as air, and she released her hand from his. He gave her a nod before taking the lead ahead of the small escort.

They made their way to the stronghold. It was a beautiful structure, simplistic in design. But it was a fortress. Security cameras, laser cannons, steal walls. The red banners of the Sith Empire hung high as they blew gently in the breeze. Alongside them, softening the appearance, were decorative wall fountains. The added touch added to the natural tranquility of the world.

“I had required millaflowers,” Lady Bluedark spoke up behind her escort, searching the sector for the little pink flowers that were native to Naboo. “I strictly required them.”

Bosque turned as he walked, rifle in hand, though it was clearly not needed. “Yes, my lady. They are on the way,” he assured her.

“They were to be here before we arrived,” she said, more upset than anything.

“I brought some with me,” a young medic, nurse Wynter, glanced back at her. “I will make sure she has them, my lady.”

The nurse was comforting, but Mei'li was still disappointed her full orders were not met. New Imperial colony or not, Moff Heermann never would have let her requirements be misplaced or delayed. He knew how particular and sensitive this situation was, and how important every detail was. His sudden promotion had put a negative ripple through her life.

Bosque unlocked the main entrance of the stronghold. The hallway was long and empty. Soft moss colored rugs lined the floor, with sparkling chandeliers lighting their way. Another touch of Lady Bluedark’s elegance. The building felt more like a palace than a Sith fortress, but these were her specifications. As were the way the walls absorb sound. Even their footsteps were quiet, and their ears rang with silence.

“There are two sections, as you specified,” Bosque said, reaching the elevator. “The main living quarters are down below the surface, and a second area for an indoor garden--”

“Have them move the garden outside by the water, please,” Mei requested. “Sartori will like to sit by the sea on her good days. I want her to be able to see it.” She was demanding, yet courteous.

“Yes, my lady,” Bosque said with a nod. “We'll get you and your daughter situated down below,” he added, turning to unlock the elevator.

Bosque let the medical team in first, then followed Lady Bluedark. He stood tall next to her, his gaze fixed forward, but she had a way of stealing his attention as she peered in at her daughter.

Sartori’s eyes had opened and Lady Bluedark had leaned over to greet her with a smile. Her reflection was visible on the glass casing. She we gorgeous, sincere. And he had to remind himself of his duty.

“We're almost home, my sweet,” her voice was like a songbird.

It was a short ride down, and not once did they feel the pressure change. Mei'li kept her focus on Sartori, and was pleased to see her daughter smile, unaffected by even the slightest changes. The doors opened to a dim living quarters. Bosque stepped out, holding the door for the medical team as they took the child to her room.

Mei'li followed, but slowed her pace as she observed the room. It was calm, not just in atmosphere, but from the soft scent of millaflowers. She appraised the room, approving even of the central viewing window at the center of the main floor. A detail she had not asked for, but knew Sartori would enjoy watching the marine life.

“And where will security and personnel be?” she asked, turning to face the sergeant.

“We will off the main building, my lady,” he explained. “Out of sight, but always around should you require us.”

Mei'li nodded, wandering the tight space.

“We understand your need to keep things as normal and comfortable as possible,” he continued. “The other settlements have general supplies and may be delivered to you fairly quickly. More specified items may take more time, but will not pose a problem.”

“My lady,” it was nurse Wynter, and Mei turned to her. “Ms. Sartori is responding well to her new surroundings. I'd like to monitor her for a few hours before we leave you.”

“Of course,” Mei nodded. “Thank you.”

“And if ever you need help,” Sergeant Bosque regained her attention, handing her a small pendant. “This gem, when pressed, will trigger an alert to me and I will be here.”

She looked at the gemstone and nodded. “I hope I never use this,” she said, walking away from him and to the doorway to watch her daughter.

Bosque seemed to straighten his posture. “If I am no longer needed, my lady--”

“--You're dismissed, sergeant, thank you.”

Bosque gave a salute she did not see and proceeded back to the elevator. His gaze lingered on Lady Bluedark. This was an unusual assignment, he thought, but the wife of a an absent Darth seemed to be a high priority. But he couldn't help but wonder how much of her was true. She was, after all, of Lord status with the Sith. Was her vulnerability a facade? Time would only tell.
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