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Author Topic: The Corellian Fire  (Read 589 times)

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The Corellian Fire
« on: 03/05/18, 09:24:59 PM »
Corellia, Financial District. 0145 Galactic Standard

Any other night within the night city of Corellia one would consider the place beautiful, street lights dancing across the night sky as people went about their merry way, shopping for whatever they so desired as they spent their time with family, friends, and love ones. If it wasn't for one simple building within the the edges of the city engulfed in flames it would have been perfect. But as was the case for poor Ash'ette, her luck was never quite as good.

Resting on the side street with the dome of an astromech unit in her hands, Ash watched helpless as the speeders and men of the fire teams fought against the flames billowing the building, a losing battle considering the extent of the damage already. As if to make matters worse, though, a crowd had already formed to watch the destruction of her home and business, casually talking about the damage, watching the damage unfold as she could only sulk and cling to the dome. She had been lucky to even make it out alive of the building to begin with, waking up just mere moments before the flames threatened to make escape impossible. With what little time she had she thought to salvage something before it was to disappear forever, something priceless that she knew could never be replaced or retrieved. And out of everything that she had, the totems of her days in the military, her youth, her family, her friends, she could only bring herself to grab the remains of the astromech she had unfortunately blown up in her attempts to help. A failure that she could just FEEL had showed itself once again.

The sound of engines bearing down onto the scene drew Ash from her thoughts, her eyes moving to catch a trio of boys zooming in upon their swoop bikes, customers that she had so easily made friends with the moment she had opened up shop. The sight of them alone put a smile onto her face as she quickly wiped away her tears, rising to her feet as she waves the boys over.

"Heya sugars! You missed out on the fireworks!" Ash says with her usual charm and uplifting personality, letting out a perhaps forced laugh as the boys came over to look her over, making sure there wasn't a scratch on her skin.

"We came the moment we heard the news. You weren't hurt were you?" The leader of the boys asked, a concerned look in his eyes as the younger of the pair suddenly bumped in to try and steal the spotlight.

"I said I was going to rush on in if you were still inside Ash! Weren't going to let you get blown up again!"

"Oh I know you weren't sugar...you boys care too much about this pretty face to let me have another scar." Ash manages out with a laugh, her lekku flicking in amusement before she wraps her arms around the trio and brings them in close for a rather tight hug.

"Just be glad I make it out in time, alright boys? No need to worry about anything else right now. Not while I'm still breathing anyhow." Ash remarks in her most uplifting tone possible, giving each one a reassuring smile before all eyes were drawn to the building as an explosion rocked its side, leaving everyone aghast as wreckage flew to fall onto the ground.

"...That may or may not have been my room." Ash barely manages out as she stifles a chuckle, a genuine smile crossing her features before she gives each boy a kiss on the forehead and another tight squeeze.

"Well since I just lost my place to sleep...who do I get to spend the night with?" Ash asks quizzically, quirking a brow as each one immediately began to offer her their rooms, leaving Ash cheery as always despite the current circumstances. She had survived worse than this after all...what more could possibly happen to make things worse? In her mind, there was nothing that could do that. As long as she was still able to make friends like these kids she would survive it all. Nothing was more important to her than the relationships she shared with others.

As she moved to guide the boys away from the wreckage, laughing as they fought over who got to have her over, a pair of beady eyes gazes out at the handiwork of his mission, a cruel smirk on his lips as he moves to return to his speeder and inform his employer of another successful mission. One that would please her greatly...
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