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Author Topic: Behind Blue Eyes  (Read 564 times)

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Behind Blue Eyes
« on: 04/04/18, 11:54:50 PM »
--- [ Year 3 BTC | 6 Years Old ] ---


“Keep your voice down, Lucretia… you will wake the girls...”

Truth be told, Briella had already awoken. The tiny child sat nestled against the door ajar to the sitting room, having crept her way down from her room at the sound raised voices. Her dark cheek carefully pressed to the silver rim of the door frame as she silently observed her parents fighting.

Father’s work kept him starbound, often living more on his starship than at their opulent Kaas City apartments, and usually his homecoming was a cause for celebration. It put Mother at ease -- something rather rare to come by. This night, was different, and Sabriella knew it was her fault.

“I took her in for the slim chance she was Force-sensitive enough to catch the notice of the Academy! Not to play mother to some alien while you’re off playing battleships on the other side of the galaxy. She’s your child, Remus… not mine!”

Her Mother’s words were a dangerous hiss, barely an attempt to lower her volume. Sabriella would have known their meaning even if she was deaf. From the open crack in the door, her opalescent eyes took in the scene beyond with the help of the Force -- a gift and a curse, granted from the woman who gave birth to her.

“Lucretia…” her Father’s voice sounded tense, though he was farm more controlled than his wife. “She is only six years old. Your hopes may still yet be realized.. And if not, what? She is our responsibility now, whether we like it or not.”

“You’re not the one who has to deal with hiring a new tutor every few months because they can’t stand how she knows things she just… shouldn’t,“ her Mother retaliated. Her aura was red and jagged with pain and anger. “Or ensure with the social niceties I must deal with, when they all know she’s dirty. I am tired of playing the philanthropist, Remus…! If she is not Sith then she is no good to me. I just can’t...”

Sabriella wilted against the door frame, listening to her mother break down into furious tears. She squeezed her eyes shut, burying her head into her knees, trying to block out the sight. But it didn’t work that way. Just as the Force was ever-present, so was Sabriella’s vision. Her Mother’s embarrassment and anger. Her Father’s guilt. She didn’t understand why exactly… but she saw it clearly, and knew it was because of her.

Her Father sounded worn out as he sighed heavily and relinquished his glass of whisky.

“I know someone at Veleshtikov’s,” he said finally. “I cannot leave my post, Lucretia… but perhaps boarding school will alleviate the burden on you while I am away. I’ll set up the meeting tomorrow before I depart…”

She couldn’t bear to listen anymore. A swell of tears threatened to run down her cheeks as the half-miraluka got to her feet and went to dart back to her room and hide beneath the covers of her bed like this was just a bad dream. When she cleared the hall, she found her older sister awake, sitting upright and glaring at her with a deep, red disappointment.

“You shouldn’t spy, Bri,” she accused. Though the girl was only thirteen, she spoke with a icy authority, the way their Mother did. “Go to sleep before I tell them you’re snooping around the house like a sneaky thief.”

Sabriella hung her head, creeping into the covers and buried herself in deep.

Why am I different? Force, please... Please… please make me Sith… please…
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There are many ways to serve the Empire

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Re: Behind Blue Eyes
« Reply #1 on: 04/05/18, 12:31:36 AM »
--- [ Year 5 ATC | 15 Years Old ] ---


“Aesthetic contacts are not apart of the uniform code. Take them out.”

Growing up, there had always been two ways most people dealt with Briella; willful ignorance that she event existed in the same space as them, or going out of their way to make a point of her ‘subpar breeding’. Half-miraluka was the known fact. The charity adoptive of Admiral Dorn and his wife -- and much to the chagrin of this half-Miraluka, Kamina Brennan was one of the latter. Tall and pale, with an Imperial pedigree to boast about -- which she did. Frequently. The grand-daughter of Moff Huxley Brennan, a well-known Kaasian socialite and now, Kamina could add recently-appointed ‘Prefect at Veleshtikov’s School for the Elite’ to her list of achievements.

Briella frowned and turned her attention to her locker. As the steel door creaked open, Kamina’s keenly manicured hand firmly set it shut again. The older girl smiled down on her sweetly.

“I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that Prefects act on behalf of the Dean himself, to uphold the highest level of standards here at our beloved school,” the saccharine smile was as sharp as a knife and you didn’t need Force sight to see the nasty aura Kamina gave off. “Take out the contacts, or I’ll have to award you demerits and we both know how disappointed your mother would be if she had to--”

The threat was cut short by the clearing of a throat.

‘For the love of the Empire...’ she praised silently. Briella had nearly reached her daily cap of tolerance for public humiliation. She glanced over her shoulder, to the stairwell where the sound had come from. Fælan Rigante stood, stiff as a board -- or a pristine sculpture, depending on who you asked -- looking in their direction.

“Aeryn is waiting,” he informed Kamina -- who’s demeanour had changed as soon as she was aware of her audience. Not that the Echani boy looked all that interested, but his white eyes flicked across to Briella a moment, before idly returning to his datapad. “Are you coming?”

As she backed away from the lockers, Kamina gave Bri a look that promised she would certainly follow up when less important eyes were on her. Smoothing her hands down the length of her platinum braid, she gave the Echani a demure smile and ran off in his direction. Fælan had always caught her attention. Not in the way he caught Kamina’s, or even because she was secretly a little jealous the Echani boy never seemed to receive much Imperial ire for his heritage -- despite being technically more alien than she was. It was the Force that caught her attention. The only connection she had to her mother was the way she saw the people and the world around her -- the way the Force touched and connected everything, and it had always moved strangely around Fælan. The Echani was a calm, radiating web of bright and deep blues. Occasionally a stray spark of fiery orange or red streaked through his being, as proof that behind the steely, pristine exterior was more. It would have been beautiful, if it weren’t for the strange sliver of void at the center of it all. It made him seem lonely. Incomplete. Part of something bigger that she couldn’t see.

Briella watched the pair walk off and sighed. Maybe Faelan’s attention would divert Kamina for long enough for the half-Miraluka to get through the rest of the day without another round of bullying. Turning, she opened her locker and frowned. Upon the top shelf, a data-chit sat. Its sleek chassis was engraved with the triangular calling card of a Veleshtikov urban legend -- the Oculis Imperatoris.

As the halls began to empty, Briella fumbled around for her earbuds, connecting them to the device and pressing play. A voice, modulated to obscure the sender spoke.

“Hello, Sabriella Dorn. We are the Oculis Imperatoris. We have a mission for you, should you choose to accept it…”
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There are many ways to serve the Empire