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Author Topic: ULTRA-COSMOS Zine. Your one-stop spot for all the Outer-Rim's Celebrity Scandal  (Read 736 times)

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Säga Étoile
Holopedia Transcript

Saga Étoile (born Symia Mek on Zhellday 3, Month 5, 4 BTC), is human singer and actress from Corellia, in the . After appearing in commercials and holo-dramas such as ‘The Coruscant Files’ and ‘The Young and the Forceless’, Mek launched into a singing career with Gold Dome Records, skyrocketing to the top of the charts with her sweet holo-vid for her jazz debut single ‘If The Stars Were Mine’, from the album ‘With Love. S. Étoile’. Her career soon took off with appearances at reputable cantinas and even making appearances at the personal functions of several high profile Senators and Military officials.

Early Life
The star was born on Corellia, to Jarren Mek (a lower executive of Cisori-Mek Industries) and his wife, Patricia Llyod-Mek. Symia lived a life of decent privilege as a child, but when her parents were killed in a speeder accident, the star reports her grief was so deep, she needed a fresh start. She gave up her inheritance and moved in with her aunt on Coruscant and began to pursue her passion for music.


[16 ATC]: The Young and the Forceless.
For half a cycle, Saga appeared in a semi-frequent role on a popular holovid series that was about a group of friends and once turned out to be Force-sensitive and had to become a Jedi. Saga played the role of Elody Meyer, the daughter of a Senator who was in love with Casen Jin, the Jedi. Her character became a fan-favourite, and many were upset when the writers killed Elody off at the hands of Darth Rexor (played by Kailo Darren) in the Sith’s ill-written revenge plot.

[16 ATC]: The Coruscant Files.
After her first acting success, and the fan-rage at her character’s death, C-Entertainment offered her a role on another one of their projects -- The Coruscant Files. Playing the part of Jaeda Marrow, a dry-witted Corellian secretary of PI-007, a surly and logical detective droid. It was during her short time on this noir-drama that the star first revealed her singing prowess to the public. To help PI on a case, Jaeda went undercover as a cantina singer, delivering a soft and sultry performance of ‘Fever’. Though her role on the show only lasted a season and a new companion for PI was introduced, this marked the very beginning of her music career.


[17 ATC]: With Love. S. Étoile (Debut Album)
  • If The Stars Were Mine
  • Corellian Sunrise
  • Eyes Across The Cantina
  • Fever (as seen on ‘The Coruscant Files’)
  • Remember It As It Was
  • Glimmering Horizon
  • I’m Just a Girl

[18 ATC]: Stand Strong, Galactic Heart
  • Stand Strong, Galactic Heart
  • Goodbye, Trooper Man
  • Baby I’m A Fool
  • Love Is A Messy Game
  • The End of Eternal
  • Mind The Bruises

[19 ATC]: Fade To Black, Baby

[20 ATC]: Holo-Vlog Collections

Personal Life
As seen through her collection of songs, Saga is a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve. After her rush to fame in 17 ATC, it wasn’t long before she was meeting and greeting with some of the Galactic’s upper echelon at public events and fundraisers. Later that year, at the Galaxy Music Awards (where the star won ‘Most Inspiring Artist’), she was spotted with Aris Maar, the eldest son of Senator Huxley Maar of Selonia. The pair reportedly dated for almost a cycle before the love affair ended abruptly. Reports claim Saga was infatuated with another, and poor Aris ended things before returning to Selonia.

Throughout 18 ATC, Saga avoided discussion of her private life in the media, however the tone of her music lead fans to speculate that the object of her new affection was likely a lucky soldier in the Republic Army, from the lovesick tone of her second album, Stand Strong, Galactic Heart, which featured many songs alluding to the War with the Eternal Empire. It came to light by way of some holos taken at several Military dress affairs and a fundraiser for the troops, that the man in question was supposedly Admiral Markus Lao, a Republic officer and a married man.

At the beginning of 19 ATC, the public’s speculation on the star’s love life was blown wide open. Reports and photographs of Saga sporting bruises and minor cuts to her face when escorted to a Coruscant hospital spurred rumors that this love affair had taken a dangerous turn for the star. Rumors of Lao’s violence, and the star’s stim-abuse and following suicide attempt littered tabloids for months. Eventually, under the heat of heavy press, the star admitted in a tell-all exclusive with ‘C-News’ that the affair was a silly infatuation that she regretted, but felt powerless to get out of. The Admiral was investigated and ultimately removed from rank, but the star claimed that staying in Coruscant was too painful, and she needed to take a step back from her career while she recovered.

A Holo-log popped up on the Net, detailing the star’s personal struggle with recovery, reportedly from Naa Shaddaa. She released a few new songs during this year via her online channel that obviously drew from the dark place she had fallen into. Fans continued to support her from afar.

You can find the regular holo-logs of Saga Étoile, here. While she tend to frequent the cantina scene of Naa Shaddaa, in recent months the fallen star has become silent, reportedly working on a ‘secret project’ she hopes to reveal to her fan soon.
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