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Ever since this community coalesced, I have wanted what's best for it. But I think, for me, that priority has changed, and that means I have to go. There has been a shift in the culture here, and I haven't felt like I fit into it for a little while now. It isn't the same, and I'm no longer capable of giving it my best. I also don't want to burn it down around me or be a source of negativity for those here, so it's only appropriate if I depart, this time very much for good.

There are a lot of people I RPed with over the years that I want to thank.

@recoveringgeek @blingdenston @Niarra , you are all amazing, incredible RPers who I've been flattered and humbled to share adventures with. You craft such intricate and fascinating characters who I envy for their depth and creativity.

@Lolermelon , for being such a high-energy font of creativity and enjoyable wackiness for this server.

@livia and @Semah , I never got to know either of you as well as I would have liked. Thank you for being who you are and adding a unique character to this community.

@Dassalya , you are a wonderful and lovely person, and I hope you know that.

@Esk , for being an incredible RP partner and a selfless administrator without peer.

And the many many others I've RPed with over the years -- @Orell @Wymarc @Seraphie @Hawking @Cordae just to name a few, and plenty more beyond that.

If I've ever hurt you or been a negative presence in your life, some small apology here cannot suffice, but you have it all the same. The last thing I want to do is hurt anyone here. For what it's worth, I am sorry to everyone for my part in recent drama. I said I would stand on principle and eat the consequences for it whatever they end up being, and after giving it some thought, I think this is the only appropriate answer.

I'm transferring control of Jedi Custodum to blingdenston as an interim GM until everyone figures out what to do long term.

I wish you all the very best, and I hope very much to be in the wrong about the past few weeks. I'm turning my attention back to a very neglected RL now, and I will very likely not be back to check PMs or responses.


Toasty McGrath:
You will always be welcome back if you change your mind, Iaera!


--- Quote from: Iaera on 05/03/18, 09:40:44 AM ---It isn't the same, and I'm no longer capable of giving it my best. I also don't want to burn it down around me or be a source of negativity for those here, so it's only appropriate if I depart, this time very much for good.
--- End quote ---

@Iaera, I've felt as you feel now, twice.

I've departed, twice! Once to pursue what I had hoped were professional writing opportunities that didn't materialize, and once for a well-deserved damn break. I cannot express enough how important it will be for you to take some time and recharge. See friends, focus on adulting, and play some new games. I couldn't predict that I would come back, as I felt I had exhausted all the stories I had to tell.

That said, I am writing this here to give you permission to come back if and when you feel ready. Not that you need my permission, rather, that there may come a time in the not too distant future that you want to play Big. Damn Hero. and swing a laser sword one last time. What you feel today won't always be what you feel tomorrow.

When that time comes, if we're all still here, you know we'll be ready, and waiting.

This isn't Exile, Jedi, just an exit.  :lightside:

As one of the "oldies" left around here - you will be hugely missed Iaera.  You're presence (either partial or fully involved) has been a wonderful thing for our RP community and certainly for the Jedi faction as a whole.  And I do hate that its been drama that has made your final decision for you; even if I totally get it and am not at all surprised.

I 100% understand your post and had come to some similar conclusions about this community in the last year myself and find myself now evaluating my own presence in it and what I want (if anything) from this place next.  I quite understand the need to re-prioritize this place and deciding that its time to move on.

I wish you all the best in all the things.  I hope you con't to enjoy roleplay in your life as a stress RELIEF in some form or fashion as it serves you best.  And I hope one day our paths will cross again.

And if you choose to try again in the future I know you'll be welcomed back.  And if I'm still here then Karmic would love to buy Iaera a round of tea for her return - one of the very few Jedi Karmic actually respects.

Be good to yourself.  Live long and Prosper.  May the winds ever be at your back.  <3

I came to this community when I was way too young to be competent - I was still telling incoherent stories (things a lot of the older members still rightfully tease me about!), and generally just schluming around trying to find my place in this universe that I thought was insanely badass. The lectures you'd lead back at front of the temple on Tython are some of my earliest memories, and I was absolutely awe-struck by how immersive and organic you made roleplaying. It really felt like Master Iaera Farworlder was leading a casual forum to get young and old Jedi alike into an activity or discussion that would always interesting and engaging.

Despite how horrid I'd consider my presence to be back when I was fourteen, fifteen-ish, I was never turned away. To you and many other players here I owe a debt of gratitude. I likely should've thanked you earlier, but now seems as fitting a time as ever. You gave me an opportunity to not only grow my characters, but to grow into a decent enough role-player. Beyond that, you gave myself and the community at large many fantastic arcs and storylines - all of which were cohesive and just a pleasure to be apart of.

Both Miller and myself will always only have one true teacher.

I wish you the best the luck in whatever you do next, but if you're as good at space puppets as you are at everything else, I know you'll do great. Take care, Iaera. There'll always be a place for you here.

And naturally,

May the Force be with you.



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