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Re: Solo: A Spoiler Thread
« Reply #30 on: 06/18/18, 01:02:23 AM »
The villian sucked...I can't even remember his name except that it's temper tantrum jarvis. T

'Temper Tantrum Jarvis' is what I'm going to think of him as from now on. Personally, I thought he was adequate...I was afraid he was going to be 'the secret origin of Snoke' or some dumb crap, so that was a I think that having a villain who's not physically intimidating, someone prissy and unpredictable is a neat change-up.

That may notice that he's not in it much, and he only has one costume (in a movie where even Han Solo gets, like, three or four outfits). That's 'cause...he's a reshoot character! The ORIGINAL Dryden Vos was played by Michael K. Williams, intended to be CGIed over as a Thundercats-type lion-man. That's right. Omar Little from 'The Wire' was going to be the a big cat-dude. Unfortunately, when they swapped directors and changed the tone of the movie, they couldn't get Williams back to do the they just cast a new guy and filmed new scenes and saved some money on the CGI. Think of how awesome that would've been if Han and Chewie and Beckett were shitting their pants across from LION-OMAR. Ugh! I want it so bad!
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Re: Solo: A Spoiler Thread
« Reply #31 on: 09/24/18, 07:37:21 PM »
I finally saw Solo since it's out on dvd and such now. Went in with zero expectations because I managed to avoid spoilers this whole time, I haven't even seen the trailers or anything lol. And I have to say I think it's absolutely stellar overall, I would put it in second place behind Rogue One in my ranking of Disney's Star Wars! Now maybe I should finally watch Rebels...

I like that we saw the plain old Imperial Army for once instead of just stormtroopers, and the fact that Han got kicked out of the academy for his lip is really fitting lol. And everything else in the first half of the film is just perfect, i'm not even going to say anything specific because it's all just perfect. Especially Lando. And the train job. L3 also reminds me of someone fun who I went to school with. And that last scene with Han winning the falcon was just perfect. Music was nice too. Okay, i'm done not saying anything specific lol.

Really did not like the Kessel run tho, at least in a meta sense because I still enjoyed that part of the movie. That line in Episode IV was a bit of throwaway dialogue to show that Han Solo is a no good, lying son of a bitch tho because that's not how parsecs bloody work and Obi-Wan's reaction confirms it. By making it something that he actually did instead of just being a fancy sounding lie that most sand dwellers wouldn't understand, it kind of cheapens the whole point. The old EU's version was somehow even worse (as was their pants-on-heads idiotic interpretation of the Maw), but ugh I still don't like this one.

All the flying was good tho, especially during that sequence. Scenes with ships just keep getting better in every single movie, it's amazing, and if they made something in the style of Mad Max (or Battle of Britain) that's just nonstop starfighter battling i'd watch it! Disney plz.

I think there was a little bit of unnecessary or jarring stuff near the end too. The marauders' reveal was kind of necessary to set up Han's fight with Dryden, and I guess it makes sense in-universe, but it did feel very sudden and out of place like the most generic possible face-heel turn you could possibly do for a movie. Also Maul, that was a cool nod to the Clone Wars but I can't stand blatant sequel hooks especially when we'll probably never get one. And imo a film should always be able to stand on its own unless it's a direct sequel, so for anyone who hasn't seen TCW or even the prequels it's just going to be even more confusing. They don't mess with the story itself, they just seem like basic things that everyone should know not to do in a film by now.

While i'm making this post i'd just like to say fuck all those people on reddit or wherever it was who complained so much about Solo that Disney put anthology films on hold. The internet (and the Star Wars fandom specifically) needs to learn how to shut the fuck up and stop being a bunch of whiny little bitches about fiction, some of us actually have the ability to enjoy things and we'd like to keep getting that opportunity thanks.

Lastly, fuck droids too, maybe literally. The jury is still out on that one but I know people definitely don't like SCORPIO for her personality. :P

On a side note, if not for the posts here I would have spelled Qi'ra as Kira if I mentioned her lol. I did not have captions on while watching.