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Author Topic: Soovada 2018 at the Roze Garden  (Read 467 times)

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Soovada 2018 at the Roze Garden
« on: 05/29/18, 04:13:13 PM »
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[OOC] It's that time again everybody! Soovada, the Festival of Splendor has come again to Nar Shaddaa and the Roze Garden is opening it's doors for celebration.
Saturday, June 16th 2018
7:00pm Server Time/Pacific Time

The party will start on the balcony, the food court, to keep people from being too spread out and will move down to the party venue at the bottom later on in the evening. Dress up, show out, and have a good time. This is a casual, cross-faction, RP, social event.

If you missed Jessak's pool party, show up this time. :grin:

If you want to come Impside, let me know ahead of time, so I have some idea of how many to expect Impside. Jessak is Pubside for the character and Jess'ak is Impside.


[IC] The next commercial on your holofeed starts with a bang, or rather several. The smiling, young woman on the holo is framed by fireworks.

Translation: Roze Garden Soovada Bash!

Great Parties            Parties running
Great Food              all Soovada long
Great Fun              dress to impress!

Come celebrate the wealth and splendor of Nar Shadda at the Roze Garden. Show off your power, influence, and most importantly your wealth. Increase your prestige and meet other successful people. Our doors are open all Soovada long. Only travel in the highest circles? The VIP area is available to special guests.

Make an entrance in our spacious party venue. Sit and people watch elegantly as you sip your Hot Credits or show off your moves for the the whole dance floor.

Three Times Stunning will be performing live all Soovada long including their recent hit, Master Of The Moon. so dance til you can't dance anymore.

If you need to cool off after all that dancing or you've worked up a rancor sized appetite. Head to the food court to relax in the pool while grabbing a bite. Please eat responsibly. Some species should not enter the pool directly after eating.

At the Roze Garden, we want all of our patrons to be able to enjoy their Soovada safely. For that reason, security has been increased. All visitors will be asked to check dangerous and potentially dangerous devices at the door. Monkey-Lizards and other equally as inquisitive pets are not allowed. Thieves will be handed over to the Hutts provided they survive initial attempts to wipe them from the face of the moon.

Come make the Roze Garden your Soovada destination!

Regular tea rooms will still be available for reservation during the festivities.
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