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Author Topic: Republic uniform colours  (Read 391 times)

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Republic uniform colours
« on: 07/11/18, 01:09:25 PM »
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Everyone focuses on Imperial dress but nobody seems to care for the spiffy pub ones. :( So here's a quickly made list of different NPC uniform styles which hopefully will give people inspiration as to what colours to use in their own pub troopers! The outfit itself requires fleet commendations but it's not hard to get those from GSF.

Navy Colours:

The Navy uses two standard uniforms and both can be found pretty much everywhere. The orange/brown one can be done with existing dyes, the brown/blue one cannot tho. :/

Orange with brown pants. Some pilots and flight crew wear full orange uniforms instead of having brown pants, you can find those on Makeb and the fleet.

Dark brown with blue sleeves and khaki pants.

Red with white pants. I think this is for starfighter wing commanders since it only shows up in the GSF hangars and a lot of Republic pilots wear red, you can even see one in the background.

Army Colours:

The Republic Army uses the same few colours (blue, brown, beige, and white) but in a bunch of different combinations with seemingly no rhyme or reason. Except for this Private. Most of these don't have suitable dyes unfortunately.

The standard colour, beige with various shades of brown sleeves. Found pretty much everywhere from Belsavis to Alderaan, this picture is from Balmorra.

Beige with blue sleeves. Found on Corellia.

Blue with white sleeves and pants. Found on Ord Mantell.

Blue with white sleeves and dark blue pants. Found on Corellia and Balmorra.

Dark brown with blue sleeves and khaki pants, found on Corellia. This is a Navy uniform, so maybe they're a marine?

Dark greyish brown with varying sleeves. Found on Ilum with rust-coloured sleeves and Yavin IV with pale green sleeves.

Other Branches:

Prison guards/officers seem to wear orange. The guy on the top was General of Belsavis and wears orange with brown pants. On the bottom is just a generic Belsavis officer wearing beige with orange pants/sleeves, it looks horrible so don't use that one.