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Author Topic: Grim Determination (Imperial)  (Read 1879 times)

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Grim Determination (Imperial)
« on: 08/14/18, 05:41:58 PM »
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Grim Determination Is Recruiting

Guild Leader: Bluey
Officers: Mesteria, Astrak, Slavish, Mixy

The server veterans out there may have heard of us before, but for those who haven't, we're one of the oldest, original Imperial guilds from Bergeren Colony.  Since the server merge we are now striving to make a name for ourselves on the Satele Shan Server.  We are essentially a guild of respectful, mature players who enjoy all things end-game. Our reputation for PvP is well known as we dominated the PvP world, but we also have a love for PvE (Ops, FPs, and World Bosses).  We enjoy all aspects of the game including Conquest.  We do not RP but we respect those that do.  We have a fully completed Guild ship and the New Rishi Stronghold fully unlocked plus our website and Discord.

All That Said:  We are opening up recruitment for our guild for all classes. We are looking for mature (over 18 years of age), dedicated players who are interested in grouping with a strong competitive team, and who will help us maintain the good reputation we've worked hard to keep over the years. To jump start this recruiting drive, We are suspending our normal application process - you will NOT be required to submit an application on our guild website, but you will receive a cookie if you do. We will require a brief meeting on Discord with prospective candidates to determine membership compatibility.You will therefore need to have Discord installed with a working mic. 

Thank you to all the potential applicants in advance for your time and interest in our guild.

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  • I used to be sweet and Innocent then shit happened
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Re: Grim Determination (Imperial)
« Reply #1 on: 09/11/18, 02:37:16 PM »
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Our Rishi Stronghold is completely unlocked and functioning!  We have a 1 vs 1 arena plus an 8 vs 8 man PvP arena.  Mourne did a great job with the decorating.  Hats off to you my friend.  For all those that need a great place to RP this is the place!  Check it out on the public listings!