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With everyone being so busy now-a-days I thought it's about time that we get an idea as to when people are actually available. That way, in the near future, we can try to set up events when the most people are around to be here. So if you could, please do answer the poll above! That way we can see where everyone stands on what we are all available to do!

I voted for evenings but I think afternoons would be a better way to describe when i'm available, midnight here is only 9:00 PM server time. There used to be a few more east coast people here too, idk if any are still around tho.

I'm with Squiggly! I'm in Mountain time, so aside from weekends when I'm usually only on in the mornings, the late-afternoon/early-evening is when I pop on. Aside from because Fridays, that's usually why I miss DP so much. 10 PM my time is zzzzzz if I'm home...


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