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Author Topic: So I have some Imps...  (Read 232 times)

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So I have some Imps...
« on: 01/14/19, 07:06:53 AM »
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Hi everyone,

Now that my crazytown holiday party season is over, I'm back on a more regular basis at least until the summer :) With that said, I have a couple of un-guilded Imperials who are CL 300 in full 248, who I'd love to donate if anyone can make use of them for game stuff and RP:

  • Lord Inivera Kuar (IG: Inivera; marauder) - a Sith Lord from Makeb, who the Empire believes deserted them during the war with Zakuul, but who was actually flying solo missions, picking off errant Eternal Empire vessels and raiding them for supplies. She is deeply loyal to the Empire.
  • Julan Vars (IG: Julan; arsenal merc) - a semi-retired bounty hunter who is searching for his son, who went missing during the war with Zakuul. He supports the Empire because he agrees with the ways the Sith do business.

Let me know if they can be of any assistance :)
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