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Author Topic: All of Ossus - redux  (Read 367 times)

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All of Ossus - redux
« on: 01/21/19, 04:36:57 PM »
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Date: Wednesday January 23, 2019 - Rescheduled!
Time: 7:00PM P.S.T. - a few hours later give or take
Location: Ossus

This will be a Republic-faction Event in-game on Ossus, so I can make use of Ops Channel for Gamemaster communication. This Event is a sequel to The Cron Adrift No More and occurs just prior to the climatic events in the Jedi Under Seige storyline.

Important: There will be at least one action set-piece using the in-game locations, and one heavy role-play scene.


Traveling in groups, gathering in secret, seeking as one, bands of Jedi survivors and exiles slowly gathered on the Jungle moon of Yavin 4. Formerly home to a secret Alliance base at the height of the war against the Eternal Empire, it was abandoned when the war was won, and evolved into a black market paradise of abandoned military technology and a rich jungle perfect for hiding smuggling operations throughout the System.

Bartering safe passage with an eclectic band of tramp freighter Captains through the dangerous Cron Drift, the wayward Jedi had nearly reached sanctuary when agents of the Sith Empire tracked them down and attacked them on the jungle moon. What started as a dangerous skirmish became a fight for survival due to the sudden appearance of The Fourth Wall, an Imperial warship formerly under the command of a dangerous, unpredictable Dark Lord, now the property of the equally dangerous and unpredictable Taelios Genetech Industries.

The black market was subjected to sudden, ruthless orbital bombardment, causing mercenaries and merchants, smugglers and slavers all racing for their ships, and high orbit. The sudden exodus of so many smaller freighters and transports meant the Republic and Sith Capital fleets converging on Yavin 4 could not easily discern friend from foe.

The smugglers meanwhile escaped into the Cron Drift asteroid field, navigating cold, spinning rocks, and cold-hearted, laser-spitting, slaver ships. Their cargo? Lost Jedi and their families, followers, and fringers. The best pilots survived both, and eventually navigated to the once-lost world of Ossus. The sudden arrival of new refugees from decades of Galactic war and much need fresh supplies gave the Jedi Colony on Ossus hope. The new arrivals were dispersed among the Colony, lending valuable skills and needed manpower.

Jedi Theme: Jedi Steps

Once particular band of Jedi have been sent to the farthest reaches of the Colony, to a series of farms struggling to grow food amidst the ravaged wind-swept craggy canyons of Ossus. These colonists have to survive the inhospitable weather, and the intolerable mutant Geonosians that plague them. These new arrivals are members of the vaunted Jedi Custodum - and their Padawans - discovering their long forgotten allies from the Agri-Corps and the Archives. From the Exploration and Research arms of the once vast Jedi Order. These are not warriors as the Custodum are, though they fight as best they can.

Hanging back in the wings, wondering about their place in all this, are uncertain freighter Captains and their motley crews of gunslingers, mercenaries, and rogue technicians. Augustus Jaade, Captain of the Jaded Dream is one such scoundrel, having agreed to help smuggle the Jedi to Ossus, possibly because of his own checkered past involving the Jedi Knights, or perhaps in spite of it?

Whether to honor the memory of his lost, then found, then lost again daughter who fought alongside the Order, or perhaps due to the time spent in the company of the once-famed Jedi Custodum Grandmaster who found herself a passenger on the Jaded Dream in recent past, no one knows. If the lessons, musings, teachings, and nagging of @Iaera Farworlder affected the Old Man, he'll never tell.

One thing is for damn sure.

There is nowhere to get a good drink on this rock...

Jaade's Theme: End Title
I knew some of the Palace history, but not the bit about Jaade crashing that barge. That's good lore, right there.  :grin:

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Re: All of Ossus - redux
« Reply #1 on: 01/21/19, 11:12:01 PM »
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Character TBC, but very excited to be coming along. All caught up on the content!


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Re: All of Ossus - redux
« Reply #2 on: 01/22/19, 12:26:49 PM »
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Sorry to do this, but I've been away all weekend and had already made plans for this Wednesday, so I cannot attend. May the Force be with you all!
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