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Xesha's Ascension: Unwanted Attention
« on: 05/10/19, 12:15:37 PM »
Darth Tyrana Noctum glared at the droid that had intruded upon her office in the Citadel. Whomever had sent the small astromech surely had a fair amount of clout... or a death wish. Noctum hoped it was a death wish. She had made it clear with security she was not to be disturbed while working on the translations. The Droid seemed to know its dire straights as it rattled it servos in fear.

"Yes?" Noctum stated flatly.

The droid shuttered more before it chimed in with a binary phrase.

"I don't speak binary droid." the Zabrak woman hissed between clenched teeth. Someone had made a point of angering her.

The droid shuttered again before trying to force its vocabulator to speak something else. Sadly with the first buzz of Binary uttered Noctum gestured with her hand and sent the droid flying into the hall, where it shattered like the cheap machine it was.

It was at this exact moment Xesha decided to make her entrance.

Xesha Bahn, a Rattakii woman born and raised on Tattooine, she had developed a keen sense for dramatics, as well as reading people. She entered with the utmost humility, her hand already reaching into her pack to procure the item she had been sent for. No words passed between the two as Xesha placed the shards of a holocron upon Noctums desk. No anger lashed out as Xesha bowed and took her leave; only after confirming the credits were transfered. There was an unspoken professionalism between Sith Scholar and Alien treasure hunter.

When Xesha was long out of her senses did Noctum check the fragments. She had to admit to herself that Xesha had talent, finding all the fragments deep in the Jungles of Dromund Kaas. She might have to make more use of the hunter in the future, but first...

Tapping a button on her desk she opened a direct line to one of her informants within the Intelligence Administration. She never knew the figure, he encoded his frequencies and altered the holographic image of himself to resemble a womp rat. It was somewhat unnerving but thus far he had proved invaulable to Noctums research.

"Mouse, what do you have on a Xesha Bahn?" There was several moments of silence as the womp rat seemed to be gnawing on something. Then a ping appeared on the communicator that a file had been recieved in Noctums private folder. Standard procedure, clockwork in its efficency; something Noctum could appreciate.

"Thank you Mouse, you may return to your duties." Noctum said as the womp rat held up a cable and bit through it. the commlink immediately went dead.

Booting up her terminal Darth tyrana Noctum began to read the dossier...

Xesha Lupari Bahn
Age 27 Ht. 5'2" Wt. 168 Lbs.
Homeworld: Tattooine
Allegience: Questionable
Career: Adventurer (how does someone make that work on a resume?)
Crimes against the Empire: Found looting tombs on Korriban, was going to be executed until she showed Force Potential and executed the executioner by choking him to death. She then vanishes from the radar until appearing on the World of Taris, when she worked as a 'Acquirer of Rare Goods'. Stole data logs from several crashed Sith ships and then auctioned them to the Republic. After recieving payment she executed the entourage and sold the same data to a Intelligence contact (Name redacted). used the sale to expunge her Imperial Bounty for escaping Korriban. Currently in the employ of Darth (Name Redacted).
Force Potential: Negligible
Prefered combat style: Extreme long range with a high powered plasma rifle.
Bounties: Four Republic, Eighteen Hutt Cartel, Zero Imperial.

Noctum frowned. Xesha had to have major backing to be able to get her record altered in the way it was so that she needn't go back to Korriban, and the fact her employer was hidden meant that he had ties to Imperial Intelligence as well. Noctum would most definetly have to keep and eye on Xesha in the future.

Looking back at the shattered holocron a small smile parted her lips as she thought outloud, "After all, the best puzzles resist being solved."