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Author Topic: Port of Call: Auctions of Opportunity  (Read 1075 times)

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Port of Call: Auctions of Opportunity
« on: 05/13/19, 09:18:11 PM »
Event: Port of Call: Auctions of Opportunity
When: Saturday, May 25th at 6:00 PM PST
Where: In-game, in a Republic side guild flagship stronghold, name of Phalanx Station. Call-outs for an invite in Republicooc may be missed, so remember that the easiest way to get there on your own may be to just use the public flagship directory on Fleet.
Requirements: There are no IC requirements, and no rules sets needed. The event can ICly be cross-faction, but with the location being a Republic side guild SH you will unfortunately need to have a Pub side alt version of an Imp character if you want to attend as an Imp. Wish it weren't so, but them's the game limitations...

Anyone who has been to Phalanx Station knows that while its bazaar is a bargain hunter's dream, it's the auction where the real deals are to be found. Canny spacers, black market collectors, and undercover agents alike have all learned that you never know when some highly profitable, questionably acquired, often deadly secret, and frequently dangerously unexpected gem is going to appear for auction on any given day - whether that's scavenged armor, stolen artifacts, valuable salvage, or exotic wildlife, there's always something.

Some time back, rumors said that a lost starship caravan (from the ancient age of sleeper ships) had been found drifting in unexplored space, and that its location coordinates had been broken up into five parts, setting off a scavenger hunt for canny spacers who might be able to acquire the full code and lay claim to invaluable salvage. It's known that one part of this code came up for sale at the Phalanx Station auction, and was purchased by a veteran spacer familiar to many. The other pieces of the code have yet to surface, but the belief that the Celestia Caravan is real and that the other pieces of the code will surface eventually is still circulating in the spacer underworld.

But while there's no word that another piece of the code will be up for auction this time, there is rumor that something else of value will be available: star charts for space controlled by the Consortium of Ehvaal. Anyone lucky enough to come into possession of these charts might win an advantage for their faction in the Honor Race.

Port of Call
Another night of scum, mild villainy, Huttball, blood sport, bargain shopping, drinking, socializing, bounty hunting, war story swapping, and still pretending to be above board...

For those who've never attended a previous Port of Call event, or who just want a refresher on the IC setting, the RP color and history of the venue is behind this spoiler tag:

Spoiler: show
Independent operators braving the hyperlanes on "delivery" runs through all those sectors along the Treaty line know very well how lawless such stars can be. At the edges of Republic and Imperial power, finding safe harbor to refuel, trade, make connections, or just buy a decent drink can be difficult to manage. But those enterprising freelancers who usually find themselves operating more deeply on the Republic side of the line have been hearing, for the last few years, about Phalanx Station - a good port of call for those who want to stay under the radar, but not find themselves running afoul of the Hutts or the authorities. 

Located in the Mytaranor sector, a few systems deep into Republic space, Phalanx Station has developed a reputation as a solid port, adequately defended against pirates, and generally provisioned well enough to meet a spacer's restocking needs. The station's Republic roots go beyond just its physical location, if rumors are to be believed; it's said Phalanx Station was founded by a group of Republic commandos who turned their backs on the Republic during Saresh's rule, and mercenary and bounty hunting types especially have been spreading the word that old war hands looking for a place to lay down their heads and their kit while they forge a new life out of uniform should head to Phalanx. Imperials, on the other hand, are advised to watch their backs, but not even these rumors or the station's location can fully stop independent operators who like to keep friends on both sides of the Treaty line; all savvy spacers know that strategically irrelevant border systems don't get a lot of bureaucratic attention, and that an Imperial-minded visitor is likely to be able to conduct their business on Phalanx just fine so long as they don't go waving the flag.

But despite the station's reputation as a stable haven where the owners are known to enforce some rule of law, those who make it their business to know what the galactic underworld is up to have heard rumors of their own - rumors that behind Phalanx Station's gruff ex-military owners there might be shadowy figures with their hands on the pulse - and finances - of the station's operations. The most consistent of these rumors implicate the Exchange as the station's shadow operators, and more than a few smugglers can confirm that on visits to Phalanx they've brokered jobs to move everything from food stuffs to luxury items to weapons. The only prohibited merchandise on the station seems to be slaves (and many have speculated as to why, given the Exchange's history otherwise).

But despite this supposed Exchange presence on the station, everyone seems to agree there's considerably more security to be found aboard Phalanx than one might expect in Hutt space these days. And in the aftermath of Zakuul's withdrawal, a stable port of call is a welcome thing indeed for the weary freelancer looking for a patch job on their ship, their blasters, or even their limbs.

Phalanx Station is known to boast the following amenities:
 :darkside: A bustling bazaar, including some of the liveliest auctions to be found in this or any neighboring sector
 :darkside: The greasiest and most fortifying foodstuffs a hungry spacer could ask for, served up on the promenade
 :darkside: Public HoloNet terminal and kiosk access
 :darkside: The Acid Pit cantina, where Huttball fans can watch the match broadcasts while pounding their toxic sludge of choice
 :darkside: A flophouse and storage facilities for the itinerant blaster-for-hire or disillusioned veteran
 :darkside: A BBA chapterhouse, for delivery of acquisitions and stocking up on the latest in seeker droid technologies
 :darkside: A medical clinic, known for its modest fees and modest services (but sometimes modest is all you need to stave off the Void)
 :darkside: Rumors speak to an exclusive gambling circuit that is attracting some high roller attention, although supposedly participation is by invitation only
 :darkside: The Proving Grounds. Arguably the station's main attraction, where some of the most exciting prize fights in the quadrant can be found. Whether you're looking to see man, droid, or beast in action, you're likely to find a good match to wager on here.

Events of the Event that may prove Eventful:

Folks are welcome to wander around the station and strike up their RP wherever they'd like! No one is obligated to move with the timeline of the events, they are just there for those who find the subjects intriguing.

Rubbing Shoulders and Pounding Drinks: From 6:00 to 6:30 server time, while people trickle in, most activity will be centered in the market bazaar and the promenade food court (though of course people can ultimately go wherever they'd like). Socialize, grab some drinks, and prepare for shady dealings, bargain hunting, and bloodsport to come later... (i.e., a brief window for those who just want to free form RP for a while before the auction gets started, though there will be more open time after the auction too)

AUCTION!: From 6:30 to as long as it takes to finish, the auction will be held in the bazaar. The auction will begin with the station's Auctioneer auctioning off a selection of items being sold through the station's usual services, including the star charts that will kick off the Allies on the Road to War series.

After the station's lots, there will be an opportunity for any characters - that means you guys! - to take the auction floor and try to sell their items to the crowd. Just remember to observe the following rules if you want to auction something off:
  • All bids are IC only. No actual in-game credits will be exchanged.
  • You do not have to be providing an actual in-game item for sale, the item itself can be purely IC if you wish it to be.
  • Each player can auction a limit of two lots, or take up to a maximum of 15 minutes, whichever comes first.
  • ICly, your character can have acquired the item via any means you'd like, have any motivation you'd like for selling it, and deliver either exactly what they promised or something less-than provided they are willing to engage with the RP consequences of either. Just remember the usual golden rules about godmodding and we should be fine.
  • Signing up as a seller here in the thread prior to the event would be very helpful, but it's not required. However, if you express your interest in selling only at the event itself, slots will be assign first-come first-served and may be limited.

Those who've been to previous Port of Call events know that usually the auction is followed by combat in the arena. I'm not planning on that this time, opting instead to focus just on the auction and then leave the evening open to free form RP in the venue. If there's a clamoring in responses on this thread for bloodshed to observe then I might reconsider, but for now pitting Iron Ghost and Creature Keeper against each other takes a fair amount of coordination so it won't happen imromptu. However! If people are bringing their nemesis to the party and want to use the arena venue to stage their fight, by all means just let me know and the stage can be yours (within the IC rules of the Proving Grounds, which can be shared upon request)!
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Re: Port of Call: Auctions of Opportunity
« Reply #1 on: 05/21/19, 08:09:53 PM »
Just a bump to remind folks this is coming up! Sign-ups aren't necessary, but if you feel so inclined they do help me to estimate how many auction lots to have ready, and they also stoke the enthusiasm of other players when they can see that familiar faces will be there.  :cheer:
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Re: Port of Call: Auctions of Opportunity
« Reply #2 on: 05/23/19, 09:14:33 AM »
I might have to back out of this. Parents are coming into town, and there's tentative plans to meet up on Saturday, sorry. I'll let you know if/when things solidify :(.
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Re: Port of Call: Auctions of Opportunity
« Reply #3 on: 05/23/19, 01:38:00 PM »
I will be there.
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