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Author Topic: PvP 101: How to be a team player  (Read 3789 times)

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Re: PvP 101: How to be a team player
« Reply #15 on: 01/24/13, 04:47:24 PM »
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it's just easy to dominate competition when you have 3 people on mumble who know how to play their class.

Let's be honest. People who regularly run in premades and voice-chat have the opportunity to develop skills that the rest of us do not. One can be excellent at playing their class, but not so great at coordination, simply because they don't get a chance to hone their tactics in pickup groups. So, in fact, running in pugs is a double issue compounded.

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Re: PvP 101: How to be a team player
« Reply #16 on: 01/24/13, 05:01:01 PM »
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Really, this is what gets so weird about Voidstar: Killing the enemy is, for the most part, a bad thing. You don't want the enemy dead, you want them slowed up, tripped up, entangled in fights. Unless you're on offense and trying to plant on a crowded, there's really no advantage given to actually killing the enemy players.
This is more or less true for Novare Coast too - once you own a node, you don't ever really have to kill the people who are attacking it, you just need to keep them from capping. It kills me when people let themselves get dragged out of los of the panel and then someone sneaks in and caps while the defender(s) are off chasing kills.

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Re: PvP 101: How to be a team player
« Reply #17 on: 01/24/13, 05:42:22 PM »
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Quote from: Aiden Baail

Jovia, I lost plenty of games with you on my team, were you holding out on us?  :sigh:

Welllll, that was all random queue pvp ^^ Big difference between that, and me queuing with 3 other people who all know their class and roles in pvp on mumble ^^. Voice comms = co-ordination, and when you add skill, you have no competition unless facing a similar premade.

You should ask Alma about all the times I predicted losses on mumble and in whispers to her 1 minute out of the gate :D


Voidstar is mostly about who has more stealthers, and which team is more observant. The team with more stealthers generally wins, because Voidstar rewards stealth more than any other map. When I load into voidstar and see 4 of 8 opposition players disappear at the start, I know that's generally a loss :)

All maps require awareness of position. Thus, a co-ordinated premade group should outplay any random group by virtue of knowing not to run away from the door in voidstar, when to run to another node in Novare, when to reinforce the west/east node in Alderaan, where to be for passes/blocking in huttball, and how to utilise CC's to easily kill off stragglers in Hyperspace.


For solo queuing, your best bet is to pay attention the regular people you end up alongside, work out which of them actually have a clue as to what they're doing, and then trust/work with them to co-ordinate on the map. If I'm solo queuing, and I see 4 names I don't know, 2 I know to be reliable, and 1 I know to be terrible, I won't rely on that last player to do 'anything.' If they're guarding a node, I won't let them do it solo. If they get the ball in huttball, I run back to defense because I know they won't pass it and will die pointlessly.

Same goes for the enemy team. Anticipating the actions of the rest of your team, and those you're playing against goes a long way towards outplaying them. Work out which players are good and bad, and position yourself accordingly.
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