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Author Topic: The Far Side of the Line  (Read 1158 times)

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The Far Side of the Line
« on: 02/18/13, 05:25:15 PM »
5.5 years ATC: Zevinda, Bosthirda

   The city lights were bright on the fresh fallen snow. Small flakes had been drifting down all day, and were still falling. The few people who still had business in the cold streets of Zevinda, planet Bosthirda, were wrapped in heavy hooded coats. One passed unnoticed by all. Even if she had been noticed, the only thing out of the norm would be the length of her coat. She walked in the shadows of the tall buildings lining the streets, hood bowed for protection from the snow. She wandered the streets.

   She eventually found her way to the steps before an Imperial security building. Two stormtroopers stood just outside, flanking the door. They took no notice of her. The woman glanced up from under her robe. Good. SIS has done their job well. The security cameras above the guards’ heads stared intently at the clouds above. Jedi Knight Telline Wymarc walked through the door as the stormtroopers looked away.

   The stark grey hallway inside was devoid of life. Four cameras looked down into the hallway, and there was a door on the left wall. Security center. The door she wanted was at the far end of the corridor. She walked to it, confident her support team had looped the camera footage. Biometric scanner. Telline attached the device she had been given to the lock. A few moments later the door opened. She retrieved the device and entered the room. Across the room was the lift tube. To her right a young twi’lek secretary sat at his desk. Opposite the twi’lek was another security camera, footage being looped. The twi’lek didn’t look up as she closed the lift tube and set it hurtling up to the detention level.

   The elevator music was surprisingly pleasant. Telline recognized it as an Imperial piece, featuring stings and a choir. It seems to be going well so far. We’ll see what happens upstairs. Telline looked out the window as the lift tube sped up the exterior of the building. She looked out at the city skyline. It was low, and spread out. Not at all like the towering heights of Coruscant. The music stopped and the door binged as she reached the third floor – the detention level.

   The room was dominated by a large desk in the center of the room. Several displays hung around the imperial commander sitting at the desk. Cameras sat in the four corners of the room, and four stormtroopers stood guard along the walls. Telline entered with a wave of her hand, seen only by the commander. The commander spoke. “Ah! The agent! Your man is in cell A11. Near the back, right-side.” Telline nodded to the commander as she followed his directions. She was not, of course, an agent of Imperial Intelligence, but a simple mind trick had made him think she was. She passed the B row of cells on her way to the A row at the end of the hallway.

   She stopped. There was something... There. At the edge of her senses. Something had gone wrong. Telline quickly walked to cell A11 and looked in. Inside was the SIS agent she had been sent to extract. He showed the tell-tale signs of imperial ‘hospitality.’ Burn marks, lesions - but the man seemed to still have his sanity. That was more than was common. Good. Time to get- The shadow at the edge of her senses came into focus. It was distorted. Twisted. Wrong. The effect of a being bending the galaxy to fit their will. Sith! Telline closed her eyes and focused, fighting down the wave of fear rising in her stomach. She focused, trying to conceal her presence from the Sith. She failed. “Time to go.”

   Her lightsaber flashed brilliant blue through the lock and with a wave of her hand the door was open. The spy leapt to his feet, “What the..?” Telline glanced back and saw a crimson blade come around the corner. With both her hands she reached through the Force and jammed the door to the cell shut as she barked to the man. “Calm down! I’m here to extract you.” Her lightsaber flashed on again as she plunged it into the wall and started cutting. A matching crimson blade cut through the jammed door behind her. The wall fell clear into the street below and the wind blew flakes of snow in through the gap. They sizzled as they landed on the Sith’s blade and he snarled at the Jedi through the now open door. As he twisted the Force into bolts of pure electrical energy that leaped from his hand, Telline grabbed the spy around the waist and jumped into the icy air.

   The lightning arced above their heads as they fell. Telline rolled as she landed in the empty alley, tossing the spy into a snowbank with the assistance of Force. She came to a crouched position and closed her eyes tight in concentration. She felt the Sith’s mind – full of anger at her audacity to enter his domain and thrilled by the hunt. She created an image, one of an imperial patrol shooting the Jedi and her charge as they landed. The Sith cackled and turned to take the lift down, seeing his men below securing the remains of their twisted bodies.
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Re: The Far Side of the Line
« Reply #1 on: 05/02/13, 09:41:03 AM »
5.5 Years ATC: Medical Bay, Valor-class cruiser Taris

  "Still in critical care." The mirialan doctor was updating Telline on the condition of the operative, Zaron Fel. "The Imps know what they're doing, I'll grant them that much. They kept him just at the point where he'd be stable unless he tried to escape. That fall didn't help."
  Telline frowned. "I didn't have many options I'm afraid. Will he recover?"
  "Oh yes, yes. As good as the Empire is at hurting our people, I'm just as good at putting them back together." The mirialan brushed back a lock of hair as she examined a display. "I expect he'll be conscious within the next 12 hours."

  Telline looked over at Zaron, lying on a bed. He twitched. "Or the next 12 seconds." Telline started over towards the waking patient.
  The doctor's eyes followed her path. "Hm? Oh!" She grabbed a medical scanner and followed. Zaron shook restlessly as he tried to take in his surroundings. "Relax. You were in a kolto bath all last night but your bones are still a bit weak. You had a nasty fall. How bad is the post-kolto nausea?" She ran the scanner along the side of his head.
  The spy's eyes alighted on Telline. "Master Jedi! Godera! They have Godera! You have to stop th-...."
  Telline's eyes narrowed. "Who is Godera?" But the spy had slipped into sleep again.

2 Hours later; Briefing Room, the Taris

  The commander looked through the holoprojection at the assembled crew. Special forces, SIS agents, pilots, tactical officers, and department heads. And one Jedi. Telline had been keeping quiet so far, a fact the Captain Phelit was grateful for. His SIS Chief had informed him that the Family still preferred to keep the Republic's superweapon projects away from Jedi scrutiny. But Godera had been the head of the Advanced Development Labs before disappearing nearly 4 years ago. He could not be allowed to remain in Imperial hands.

  "As you are all aware, our objective is the retrieval of Doctor Godera, a former Republic weapons developer. Intel says he is being held against his will, so the only trick will be getting to him. He is being transported from Bosthirda to Dromund Kaas by the Harrower-class dreadnought Sword of Kressh. We will ambush the Sword of Kressh as it emerges from hyperspace here in preparation for the final leg of it's journey." After the intercept appeared on the holoprojector it zoomed in on the combat zone. "Once the Sword jumps out of hyperspace we will attack. The Taris can take enough punishment to buy us an hour of engagement time. Our fighter squadrons will form a standard attack envelope, focusing on space superiority. They will be supported by our 8 Defender-class light corvettes. Along with our full compliment of boarding pods, we will also be deploying Talon and Saber Special Forces squads and a team of marines. They will enter through this hanger bay on our three Lancer-class light corvettes." The projector zoomed in again to show a wireframe view of the interior of the dreadnought. "Once inside, the marines will hold the hanger with a compliment assault droids while the special forces teams complete their objectives. Saber Squad will move along this corridor to the engine room, where they will plant an explosive device to destroy the ship. Meanwhile, Talon Squad, under command of Jedi Telline will advance on the detention block and retrieve the Doctor. As per usual, this operation is in violation of the Treaty and will will be following Order 137. Do not leave any sign we were here."

  "Fighters prepare to launch in 40 minutes. May the Force be with you."
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Re: The Far Side of the Line
« Reply #2 on: 05/28/13, 11:13:12 AM »
43 minutes after the briefing: Lancer 2, Imperial Space.

  Telline fastened the straps on her chair and checked her armor again. Captain Horn, Talon Squad, was already strapped in opposite her. He lifted his helmet from his knee and fastened it before looking at her and tapping the side of his helm. She switched her comm set to his private frequency.
  "Master Jedi, have you ever done this sort of thing before?"
  Telline frowned and her brow drew tight as she considered her answer. If she was to lead these men, she had to be confident. Then again, there is no ignorance, there is knowledge. "No, I have not."
  The helm across from her bobbed. "Right. You tell me what to do, I'll tell them how to do it."
  Telline noticed a sergeant slinging a large rifle over his back. "Captain, what use will an anti-material rifle be in close quarters combat?"
  Horn glanced down the cabin. "You'd be surprised. At the ranges we'll be fighting at it can punch through bulkheads and assault droids with ease. But mostly Dariin will be using the carbine on his hip."

  A voice lofted over the ship's intercom, "Dropping from hyperspace momentarily. Sword squadron, Shield squadron, Aurek squadron, Besh squadron, Lancer 1, Lancer 2, and Lancer 3, prepare for combat launch."
  The remainder of Talon Squad had fastened their gear hastily and strapped themselves in, and were now sitting, helms bent.
  Telline felt the ship's engines come to life, a low growl at the edge of hearing.
  "May the Force be with us."
  "...One. LAUNCH!"
  Telline was kicked back into the side of her bucket seat and the light frigate lurched forward, too quickly for the inertial dampeners to correct. The lights in the cabin faded, leaving only red path lights above the walkways. As the ship shook from missile launches and impacts against it's shield Telline flipped her com to the general battlenet.

  "Aleph reports bombing run successful. Primary targets achieved, deflector shields prevent achievement of secondary bombing targets."
  "Shield reporting fighter screen at 89%."
  "Sword engaging enemy fighters, requesting support."
  "Blue batteries, mid range dispersal fire in sector 2."
  "Thanks Taris."
  "New contacts - bomber squadron out of bay Aleph-one - Besh engaging."
  "Keep their offensive capability locked down."
  "Lancer squadron on final approach - what's the status of our boarding pods?"
  "Boarding pods at 70%."
  "Shield breaking off to engage Imp pods."

  The lights in the cabin began to flash as the commander's voice came over the com, "Down in five!" The squad checked their armor seals and power packs. The ready light on the captain's rifle lit green, "You all know what to do. Lets make this clean." There was a thunk and the landing gear hit the deck and the cabin lights turned green. The assault ramp dropped as the safety harnesses on the seats popped free. Telline lowered her head and sprinted down the ramp, at the bottom her saber lit in a brilliant blue flash. Nearly 30 imperial troopers where in cover around the hangar. Telline saw Saber disembarking from their ship under the cover of a barrage of blaster fire. Telline deflected incoming shots as Talon ran down the ramp to cover near where the marines were already entrenched. Before long the hanger was secure.

  The marine captain sent his men to defensive positions as Saber left down a corridor, sealing the door behind them. Horn approached Telline, rifle hanging from a strap as he consulted a datapad. "Ready Jedi? Boarding pods are keeping the imps busy across the ship, but we are still going to be short on time before the end. I'd like to have the package in hand before they bring enough troops against us to pin us down."
  Telline nodded and jogged towards the hall, and Talon Squad fell in behind her.
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Re: The Far Side of the Line
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34 minutes after the Taris engaged the Sword of Kressh: On board the Sword of Kressh, Imperial Space

  Crimson fire streaked past Telline's vision. She heard Captain Horn a few feet behind her, "Toren - Cover right!"
She deflected a pair of incoming blaster bolts as she stepped forward into a tight slash through an imperial marine's throat. Two more Imperials fell under Republic fire in front of them and Telline felt the deaths of three more Imperials as Toren's assault cannon spat fire down a side corridor.

  Their progress had been slow going but steady. The captain had used the term 'heavy resistance.' But that had been expected. Navigation had been difficult as well in the nearly identical corridors, but Specialist Cass had been tracking their progress against SIS's latest technical specifications. Her voice buzzed in her ear, "50 meters ahead, then turn left and another 30 meters." They were almost there, but they were also behind schedule and Corporal Orzin had been wounded. It hadn't been bad, all things considered, but even with stims he'd had to fall back to the hanger.

  "Captain, we can't afford to get pinned down. Keep it moving!" Telline quickly stepped out to her right to catch a blaster bolt intended for Sergeant Toren. Horn pulled a grenade from his belt and primed it. "Fire in the hole!" There was a flash and three more imperials fell to the deck. Rapid fire from the rest of the squad struck the remaining troopers' chests and they fell.

  Telline rushed down the hall, lightsaber held before her. Captain Horn and the rest of the squad followed, with Toren covering the rear. As Telline turned the corner she slowed to a walk as something gnawed at the edge of her consciousness. She focused on it and felt a shadow, the strands of the Force had been twisted and distorted. She saw the troopers tense up. They felt it as tension, doubt. The same sense as being watched by a predator. She knew it as the dark side. The door opened.

  "Hello again, Jedi. You left so quickly when we met on Bosthirda. You didn't even give me a chance to introduce myself. I am Lord Tash. How is our friend Fel?" The Sith stood in the center of the narrow passageway, blood red robe draped over his shoulders, revealing armor beneath. Telline raised her guard. Horn opened fire.

  The Sith stepped to the side as he flung his robe forward, obscuring the soldiers' vision. The first few shots burnt holes in the robe, the later shots were deflected as the Sith drew his lightsaber. Telline held her ground to protect the soldiers, but the Sith reached out with the Force and slammed the heavy door shut. She was alone with the Sith.

  She stepped forward into the narrow corridor, keeping her Soresu guard steady at her waist, blade vertical as the Sith adopted a high guard, blade cutting into the ceiling panels. They paused, each waiting for the other's attack. The Sith moved first, cutting high to Telline's head. Telline fell for the feint and raised her hilt to angle her blade for the parry and Tash's saber snapped sideways in a heavy beat that broke Telline's guard. She quickly stepped back and Lord Tash's followup slash at her neck fell short.

  Telline brought her blade back into guard. The Sith left his blade low as a wicked grin stretched across his face. "See? This is better. No need for running or hiding. No need to twist your ankle falling into cold snow. Just a Sith, a Jedi, and two lightsabers, as is fated." Telline watched Lord Tash impassively. The Sith sighed and, saber held in one hand, tapped his crimson blade down the length of the Jedi's weapon, watching the yellow flashes that lit the dark corridor when their blades met. Telline made a quick cut against Tash's wrists, but he turned at the last moment, lifting his hilt to place his blade in a hanging guard that blocked her cut. As he stepped back he swung his blade past his head to strike at her shoulder, but she recovered her guard and blocked the strike.

  Lord Tash stepped back, bringing his lightsaber into a guard mimicking his Jedi opponent's. Again they studied one another. "Very well. If you don't wish to banter..." The Sith lunged forward , thrusting his lightsaber at Telline's chest. She blocked it deftly, but was unprepared when he pulled her arm towards him with the Force. She dropped her lightsaber as his claws dug into her arm, but her free hand caught his saber arm before he could cut. As they strained against each other, the Sith Lord slowly brought his lightsaber closer and closer to her head...

  There was a loud crack. Both the force users felt the path of the anti-material round as the shot punched through the door. Both force users dodged to the side, slamming against the bulkhead. But with the impact against the wall, the Sith dropped his lightsaber, and the Jedi caught it. There was a snap-hiss as she reignited the lightsaber and slashed diagonally upwards through the Sith's chest before he could recover. Lord Tash fell, dead.
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Re: The Far Side of the Line
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((I thought I'd finished this. Oops.))

50 minutes after the Taris engaged the Sword of Kressh: On board the Sword of Kressh, Imperial Space

   The fighting had been less intense as Talon Squad fought it's way back to the hanger. Cass was helping the stumbling Doctor Godera. Telline cut down two more Imperials and turned the corner into the hangar. There was fighting at the far door, but there was a clear path to Lancer 1. "Captain, get him on board." Before he could reply, a haggard voice cut across their comms, "This is Saber Squad! We're pinned down in engineering. We won't make the rendezvous." Captain Horn grimly watched Telline as she tried to get the captain of the Taris.
   "Taris, this is Knight Telline. Saber squad can't make the rendezvous, we'll need more time to get to them."
   "Our shields are buckling, Telline. We can't buy you much tim-" The channel screeched and went dead. Horn motioned for his squad to get the Doctor aboard, and approached the Jedi.
   "Master Jedi, you'll have to make this call." His voice was firm, but sympathetic. He know what the order would have to be. As did Telline. She nodded to him, and keyed her com.
   "Saber Squad, we can't get to you."
   "Understood. We'll hold out as long as we can."

59 minutes after the Taris engaged the Sword of Kressh: On board the Taris

   Telline stepped onto the bridge of the Taris. The crew was still putting out fires, and pulling wounded comrades from the rubble. Captain Phelit lay dead against the helm. Telline steeled herself, and approached the Lieutenant who had taken command. The young woman saw the Jedi and met her part way.
   "Master Jedi! I'm Lieutenant Sylvia, highest ranking officer we've found so far. One of their bombers managed to get through and hit the bridge." She glanced around, letting the results of the attack speak for themselves. "What are your orders?"
   The Jedi tried not to think of Saber Squad as she replied. "Transmit the detonation code, and recall the fighters." The lieutenant nodded her response and stepped aside to one of the remaining operational stations. Telline stepped up to the forward view port, watching the swirl of turbolaser fire and fighters. There was an explosion near the rear of the Sword of Kressh. Then another. Then a bright flash as the ship's generator ruptured. And then the Sword of Kressh was nothing but debris. Five minutes later the remaining fighters had been destroyed, and all the Republic ships were safe aboard the Taris. The stars streaked, the black glowed blue, and they began the first leg of the long trip back to Carrick Station.

20 Hours later; Telline's Quarters, the Taris

   Telline sat in meditation in her room. The faces of Saber Squad flashed through her memory. Her stomach still spun when she thought of them. The soldiers she ordered to die. There was a chime at her door.
   The door snapped open and Captain Horn stepped through. He was out of his armor and back in his uniform, but the bags under his eyes suggested he had not slept either.
   "Master Jedi - I just wanted to let you know... You made the right call. We didn't have the time to go after them. I know, kriff I know how hard it is to make that call. Our orders were to rescue Godera. We succeeded."
   Telline tilted her head up, to look out the view port at the scroll of hyperspace rolling past. "Is he worth it?"
   Horn shook his head. "Not my call to make. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know you have my support."
   "Thank you Captain."
   The door snapped shut again, and she was alone. She needed to return to Tython. To be with her fellow Jedi again. As soon as Godera is delivered.
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Re: The Far Side of the Line
« Reply #5 on: 03/15/18, 09:27:55 PM »
(( Bumping due to recent developments in the Jedi Custodum. Specifically, I've brought Zaron Fel back as an NPC. He is now the SIS Commander in command of the SIS post on the Custodian's Watch ))
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