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The "RIGHT NOW" Effect.
« on: 03/04/13, 03:02:39 PM »
So, I'd like to talk a little bit about a phenomenon. Every roleplayer has at some point been here. Say, you've been kinda chilling and doing banal cantina banter for a few hours, and then suddenly there's a chance to make something AWESOME and DRAMATIC happen "RIGHT NOW" with your own toon(s).

Of course, the instinct is to OMG ROLEPLAY ACTION POUNCE IT NOWZ!!*1@!

And the natural assumption is that because the roleplay is exciting, new, and routine breaking for you, that everyone else will want to JUMP right in "RIGHT NOW" too. This is a kind thought- sharing your own excitement is very positive at its base.

However it is important to take into consideration that everyone else around you is also involved in their own stories and current roleplay. While your intent might be to share your excitement, it can be very easy to disrupt and disrespect the goals of those trying to carry out their toon’s plots around you.

Things for all players to keep in mind and try to be respectful of:
  • While a story element may be new for you, longer running characters may have already experienced similar events, several times.
  • Everyone has their own individual story and play plans too, that may not always fit with your desires for your plots.
  • Everyone has a limited amount of play time to accomplish their own goals and enjoy their own fun time. More popular characters/players often have to schedule out playdates to get their own desired roleplay in. Even some less popular characters may have to schedule things due to limited availability.

Tips to help respect the above:
  • Do not take it personal if the big name characters don't want in on your roleplay. If, say, Jace did every single roleplay offered to him- he'd be without a job and groceries IRL within a week. Besides, those big names were no names when they started the game at launch. There are no movie-stars here, just roleplayers and geeks.
  • There will ALWAYS be other roleplayers just like you looking for someone to RP off of, striving for a big break to get their own excitement rolling. Use the OOC networking tools and chat channels!! Talk with people, figure out who’s bored and wants in, and make appointments of your own!
  • In the moment- Read the crowd and choose careful timing. This is a difficult skill even for veteran players. Listen OOC to the nearby conversations. Are they casual, or personal and intense? Try to pick a moment to do your thing that will be the least disruptive to others personal plots.
  • Also, pay attention to the forums and who has major stories going on. Whose fiction posts reflect intense plot? If throwing one more twist at a given character could overload/institutionalize an average person, it may not be a good time to do so.
  • Do not be afraid to PAUSE, schedule, or wait. Story will not /ASPLODE/ and die and go away forever if you hold a scene for a day, or even a week. I promise. No matter how it might feel or how exciting it might be “RIGHT NOW,” there is always more for tomorrow.

So, when you have that moment of “OMG RP RIGHT NOW”, don’t be afraid to pursue it, but do it thoughtfully and with respect for others nearby. Ask those in the vicinity OOC if the timing’s cool. Ask if doing your thing at that location is cool. Ask if the desired players can and want to be included. Pay attention, and if unsure- ASK. Don’t take no's personal. Keep networking. I guarantee you someone else out there is eager to say yes.

No one wants to see newer or any fellow roleplayers languish while waiting for something awesome to be involved in. Have patience.

Immersive and spontaneous roleplay involves a lot of trust. You have to be willing to build it before you can expect players to jump and join into your "RIGHT NOW!" roleplay.
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Re: The "RIGHT NOW" Effect.
« Reply #1 on: 03/04/13, 03:39:19 PM »
I really agree and understand because there are times I have an idea ready to go but cant. I feel like I bent to alot of other peoples will when it comes to rp and many have not for me. Anyway I like this post.
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