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The Rumor Mill
« on: 06/17/12, 02:49:34 PM »
((Overheard in Port Nowhere, with variations wherever smugglers put into port on a planet...))

"Hey, you guys heard about this Smugglers Coalition thing?"

"What, you mean that group that the Mirialan woman put together years back?"

"Coalition? Yeah, I heard about it. Not the same thing as that Visz lady did, though. This is a new thing, right?"

"Yep. Word has it they're lookin' to set themselves up as the fourth power in the galaxy."

"Ha! Right, like the Empire or the Republic would ever let that happen, let alone the Hutts. Don't the Cartel own most of the smugglers, anyway?"

"Dunno about that, but I heard this Coalition is lookin' to kick the crap outta the Sith Empire for all the hits they been doin' on spacers lately."

"I heard they already hit one Imperial base, and they're looking for the ones that got away to finish the job."

"What? That was some Republic thing, right?"

"Nah, the Pubs don't have the balls to go all out like they did on this hit, all piss scared of starting a new war or something. I heard they wiped out the whole base just to get one girl."

"I heard that one girl is the one behind the Coalition."

"That'd explain why they went in force. Buncha smugglers went in with merc heavies, some Force-users, and a small fleet."


"Yeah, that's what I'm sayin'."

"Nah, I heard it was this guy that makes the rounds here now and then. Colton, right?"

"Jace Colton? Ain't he some Pub privateer?"

"Dunno, I thought he was under the Hutts' thumb."

"Nope, yer both wrong. I heard it was that old fart, Jaade."

"Jaade? No way, man, guy's old as Hoth is cold."

"You're all wrong, I hear tell they're just the public face and some shadow leader is callin' the shots. Murala Tolnoc, I think, but he or she goes by The Blackfox."

"That's the stupidest thing I ever heard."

"Yeah, you say stupid, but I hear they got the backin' of Fera Intus and the Republic squadron they run with."


"That's what I'm sayin'."

"Huh. Smugglers Coalition? Maybe I should check this out."

"Maybe you should. Just hail 'em on this frequency and ask for my boss, Captain Jace Colton, or his first mate, Seiyd Alumar."
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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #1 on: 06/25/12, 02:52:45 PM »
An old bulletin on Bounty Boards and shady areas of the extranet have been updated, before being removed entirely. Those who would have caught a glimpse of the posting beforehand would find the following information:

Bounty Collected
Target: Jace Colton

Notes: Notes Redacted Upon Completion.

Offer: 1.2 Million Credits. PAID

Special Requests: Met in full.

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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #2 on: 06/28/12, 12:33:29 AM »
Overhead on Carrick Station

"So did you hear about what happened at the Senate Tower today?"

"You mean other then pointless and fruitless bickering that they call deliberation and progress?"

"Ya ya... other then that.  Turns out, there was an Imperial attack!"

"Whoa.. whoa!  You tellin' me that the Imperials actually had the gall to attack the Senate Tower?! Why is this being hushed up?! Trying to keep the plebs from panicking?"

"I dunno man.  But I heard from my cousin that works security there that not only was there a breach of security in the Property Archives but that there were Jedi there chasing down a pureblood Sith!  Right in the middle of the Tower!  Said that there was one Jedi that had a mighty fine tush though... didn't wear any pants."

"That's crazy... sure your cousin isn't on some new spice or somethin'?"

"I thought the same thing.  But apparently there was a Republic Soldier there as well that helped him get into the building.  They were caught on security cam with some Twi'lek hacking into the Archives. And then... you won't believe this one..."

"Man! Don't stop now! You're just getting to the good part!"

"Alright, but I warned you...  They threw down a thermal detonator and destroyed the archives."


"Told ya."

"And they aren't telling us this why?"

"Because they don't want people to worry about there being a breach in security I guess.  There was a Chiss with them too!  Posing as a Padawan to some self proclaimed Grandmaster.  My cousin said that he was a fairly poor Jedi though.  Did that little hand-wavy-thing they do and it didn't work.  Some Grandmaster, eh?"

"So what happened?  They get caught?"

"Na, that Twi'lek came back and threw a flash bang and they all took off!"

"Good thing they got 'em on camera then, eh?"

"Ya, you'd think that but.. there was some interference going on the whole time that makes it hard to see clearly what happened.  Dunno if they'll ever get caught."

"So what about the archives?"

"Well the Property Archives are backed up, thankfully, but they'll have to be rebuilt and replace the receptionist droid.  Said it looked like it had been struck by lightning!"

"Probably that Sith!  I've seen holo-vids of them doin' that kinda thing."

"I dunno man.  We live in odd times... odd times."

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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #3 on: 08/04/12, 12:07:09 AM »
Nar'Shadda has become home to a new project funded by unknown benefactors in creating a planet wide home for misplaced youth. The construction of a multi-level, fully staffed facility for young men and women to stay is already underway, and is estimated to be completed within the next three months. Estimates of the size and scale of the project place the facility, the staff needed to keep it maintained, and the shuttling to and from it at costing nearly one billion credits, once completed. 

The room and board will accommodate up to ten thousand youth after the estate has finished construction. None are sure as to who is funding this project, but investigations are underway.

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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #4 on: 08/15/12, 12:47:53 AM »
(This is heard through out Coruscant and Carrick Station)

"Hear about that Fera Intus group?"

"You mean the group of "Jedi"."

"Yeah, heard the Council is moving against them."

"What do you mean?"

"They are calling all the members to Tython to talk to them."

"They are Jedi, all they do is talk.  How is that any different?"

"Huh, don't know."

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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #5 on: 08/27/12, 10:49:43 AM »
A scrolling message comes up for those looking for bounties or legally posted rewards.

Suspect: Garryson Shipkeeper
Reward: 500,000 credits (yes real in game credits) for live capture, detainment, and turn over to Caden Black.

Notes: Mr. Garryson Shipkeeper, is wanted for questioning for a possible assault against a commissioned officer of the Galactic Republic. 

Posted by: Caden Black

(Note this is posted by Caden Black, not FI or anyone in FI or Sasmi.  I'm just giving it out to the community as an open RP invite to have fun.  So any requests for payment on capture should ONLY go to Cadenn in game.  The poster of this has no involvement in the actions of this and is unable to speak on either side for this.  This is only being posted by me as it was announced to various groups and guilds.)

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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #6 on: 10/03/12, 07:42:18 PM »
((this message echoed periodically throughout random assorted com channels at the republic fleet and the public RP com channel republic side for the duration of one week, ending 10-1-12))

A hollow and haunting echo of a womans voice strains
through static, in and out, the sound growing clearer until finally
it states in an urgent and piercing manner:

"Stop Adnarim!"
"Do not be one to let the WAR come to you. There is always choice, for as much as your heart knows, there is always hope."

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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #7 on: 10/10/12, 01:31:45 AM »
In the early hours of the morning, a new picture would be uploaded to the holonet and sent to everyone registered on the public Republic comm channel, it would be a picture of Captain Lien Orell on his back on the floor in full metal armor, with Seiyd Alumar's boot on his face, the woman standing over him in a midriff and pissed off expression. Lien on the other hand, had a dumb founded on his face.

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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #8 on: 10/21/12, 08:46:43 PM »
A discussion that might be overheard on Tython.

“Really, Galdo? Secret societies. Dark Side cults. Meeting in the dead of night in the ruins. Let me guess, they’re raising the ghost of Feedon Nadd. Those stories we used to tell about those things were just that; stories. … you’ve been hit on the head, haven’t you? You poor thing.”

A slight, but smart looking Padawan looks to her bulky, giant Mirialan friend. Galdo has a gentle demeanor despite his size.

He sighs. “ … no, Ris. I haven’t been hit on the head. And it’s not a story. And they aren’t a Dark Side cult. They train against the Dark Side.”

She shrugs at him. “We all train against the Dark Side. Why do they need to sneak out to the ruins to do that?”

“Because ... there're things they don't tell us, Ris. Secrets that are ... too dangerous for a Padawan to know. But knowledge is a Force user’s best weapon. You have to know your enemy. Learn how they fight. Most our Padawans haven’t ever fought a Sith. We’re not ready, Ris.”

“Who’s telling you these things? You don’t sound like you. We’re not ready? … Galdo; doubts lead to fear … and you know where that goes. And where the kriff are a bunch of Padawans going to learn ‘dangerous secrets?’ Master Farworlder says—“

Galdo cuts her off. “I’ve heard what Master Farworlder says about fear. But it’s not fear, it’s prudence. That ex-Sith that’s always chasing around the archivists says there is a fine line between fear and prudence.”

Ris gives Galdo a wide-eyed look. “Master Farworlder says ‘Patience. Learning too quickly can be just as dangerous as learning too slowly. Knowledge untempered by wisdom is often just as dangerous to the student as the enemy is.’ Besides, I thought your Master forbade you from talking to … what’s her name?”

Galdo rubs the back of his neck and lowers his voice. “Yeah well … you know … anyway, they’re called the Order of the Hssiss.”

Ris laughs, boisterously. “Oh … that’s rich. Ooooh! Order of the Hssiss! You’re kidding me right? … do they have a secret handshake? Galdo … please tell me you’re not part of this.”

Galdo uses his hands to gesture down Ris’ voice. “I don’t know, Ris. Everyone knows this peace won’t last. By the time we’re Knights we’re going to be at war. I want to be ready.”

Ris’ smile vanishes, she speaks quietly. “ … when do they meet?”

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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #9 on: 10/21/12, 09:18:05 PM »
Security Alert

All members of the military group known as The Wardens have betrayed the Republic and are wanted by the SIS for questioning. Their crimes are as follow:

Fraternizing with the terrorist group: HAVEN
Fraternizing with known Imperial citizens.
Attacking a military installation on Ord Mantell.
Resisting arrest
Unlawfully incarcerating a Republic Officer while in the course of preforming his duties.
Conspiring against the Republic.
Plotting an attack on Coruscant.

Members of The Wardens should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. Extreme caution is to be used in the apprehension of these traitors.

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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #10 on: 12/18/12, 12:55:23 AM »
Recently uploaded to the Holo-net: A YTMND-type loop of Taelios being kicked in the face by Shaantil, with the accompanying audio being translated, from droid-speak to: "Boot to Sith-Face!"
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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #11 on: 01/14/13, 02:22:41 PM »
A trio of officers are seen discussing something over a drink at Carrick Station's cantina.

"So... You heard that the Riggen Bill went through?" The first one says to the others, no small amount of disdain in his voice. "Damn Senators are convinced we can't do our job when we aren't even given the proper tools... How is Coruscant Security supposed to outdo the Black Sun, or the Exchange when they're given military grade weapons and we get so much weaker of weapons? It's not fair..."

The second nodded, she sighs, looking down. "They set us up for failure. Now they'll prolly replace us with this... R.E.A. crap...."

The third one, the obviously youngest of the three laughs, "Come on guys, don't be so pessimistic. I mean, it's a farce..." He leans in a smirk on his face. "Kyp Astar. Grade A nerfheder, quite literally. I won't be shocked to hear their first arrests are done from the backs of banthas..."

The second one looks up, a perplexed look on her face. "Astar? Wasn't he a Vigil guy at one point?"

The first one gets a smirk as well, but not quite as big as the youngest's. "Yeah and where are they now? Disbanded, most of em dead or retired... Not good on a resume if you know what I mean... Though... I do enjoy the thought of these REA guys riding into a Black Sun warehouse on the backs of nerfs..."

The third one leans in again, taking a swig of his drink before saying. "Did ya hear they've got the Jedi in on it too?"

"A Jedi? What, are they going to meditate before every mission?"

"Nah nah... They're going to meditate /during/ every mission." To which, the three of them threw their heads back in guffaws, before pulling back up and shaking their heads.

"Maybe the situation isn't as bad as it seems. Still, can't say I like that they're making a whole new agency when the current ones are in need of renovation..." The second one sighs.

"That's politicians for ya. Why fix what's broken? Let's just make another broken one, and maybe they'll be so broken, someone else will have to fix them." The first one sighs, finishing off his drink, standing up. "Well... We've got to go tell the boss man where we're at, so they don't send a search party... Let's go guys." And the three of them did leave.
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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #12 on: 01/16/13, 02:39:51 AM »
A small group gathers around the central bar in the Slippery Slopes cantina as a dancer recollects the night's precedings.

"I promise you, I'm not lying! a huge fight broke out, there were six or seven people in it. That Sith Taelios picked a fight with some Chiss he wanted to capture after a Jedi asked to speak to the Chiss in private. The Jedi walked off after talking to the Chiss for a bit. A few more Chiss showed up while Taelios tried to get them to leave! Turns out that Taelios was fighting another force user, that Gha'leon that comes around every once in a while. Taelios' bodyguard showed up, and some smugglers and another Sith I think." she chirps out in excitement.

A young boy chimes in, adding his two credit-chits. "The whole group went at it, two of the Chissies went down, including the force using one! Taelios did some damage! Another sith girl went after a smuggler, wound up scratchin' him 'n gettin' some prize off him. "

A small-time mercenary fills in the next part. " But one of the Chiss girls managed to run off with Gha'leon, the one Taelios wanted, so he took the last Chiss that was supposed to be out cold. Guy messed Taelios up a bit with a vibrorazor before they sedated him and hauled him off."

A murmur is heard from one of the listeners now in the back of the group struggling to listen. "I think I'm gonna take my drinkin' somewhere safer for a while." Nods and comments of agreement with this idea surge throughout the small group gathered around.

[[Sorry if I didn't use your name, include a good part, or left someone or something out completely, there was a whole lot to witness tonight. Feel free to make further rumors about the event from other bystanders!]]
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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #13 on: 01/17/13, 09:02:35 PM »
A conversation over-heard in an Alderaanian Cantina.

A young man wearing plain clothes who bore a dark-black fauxhawk on his head began speaking to his fellow patrons, "Did you all hear what happened to that girl from Rist today?"

A few people looked over to him, a slightly elderly man spoke, "What er' you talkin' about son?"

The young man nodded, "Some higher up in House Rist, a woman, was snatched right out of her secure outpost. Word is some Sith lead an invasion with an army of Killliks behind her. All I know is if I were them, I'd be pretty damn scared right about now."

A woman around the same age as him spoke up, "Do they know who did it?"

The young man looked around, he talked quietly, "You didn't hear this from me but...apparently, the Sixteenth Legion of the Empire is behind it."

A few people shared skepticle glances, others seemed petrified, and a few almost seemed to smirk.

"If you'll excuse me, I should be on my way." With that, the young man paid for his drinks and left the cantina.
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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #14 on: 01/18/13, 11:41:56 PM »
A coversation at the 'Slopes'.

"Hey, you hear those mandalorians...?"

"What mandororians?"

"I heard that they are kidnapping helpless women at cantinas and the like,.."

"You need ta stop listenin' to 'dem spice chewahs... It's all lies."

"No it's true! Clan Bassalisk I think.. Yeah, that's it..."

"You've 'ad too much ta drimnk pal..."