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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #15 on: 04/04/13, 05:29:20 AM »
Republic Network News: Special Bulletin

This morning, the senate confirmed rumors that the Republic ambassador to the Hutt Cartel is dead. His life was claimed by a tragic air-speeder accident over the sludge fens on Nal Hutta the previous night; Cartel sources report that he was likely killed instantly by the impact. Due to the 'wildlife' that inhabits the fens, it is unlikely that more than fragments of his body will be recovered for burial. Our thoughts are with his family, particularly his young daughter, who is now a ward of the grateful Republic.

Sources within the diplomatic service report that a replacement has been rushed to Nal Hutta, but were unable to confirm his or her identity. One thing is for certain: whoever it is has just acquired a very difficult job indeed.

Next up: Huttese cuisine: exotic, revolting, delicious --- or all of the above?

RNN: We report. You decide.

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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #16 on: 04/07/13, 09:21:30 PM »
Republic News Network: Kwenn Division

As some may recall, a Mandalorian corvette was recently boarded and near-gutted by unknown assailants near the Republic-Hutt border. A careful sweep of the ship led to evidence implicating the vile Empire in the deaths of these warriors, their own allies. [For more information, see our prior report (( March 2nd 2013, in this thread )). Don't have holonet archive access? Consider upgrading! For new subscribers, pay only 5 credits per month for the first 24 months, and 15 credits per month thereafter.]

We now have additional information. In the early morning, Republic forces released the corvette into the custody of the Mandalorian Clan Bes'uliik, a group of mercenaries who are well-known on Kwenn.  Curious Republic citizens saw the corvette landing Kwenn this afternoon, after which Bes'uliik carried the bodies of their fallen colleagues off of the ship.

Sources on Kwenn report that, in keeping with Mandalorian tradition, the bodies were stripped of their armor in a touching ceremony and then buried in a mass grave outside the clan enclave. Although approached for comment, none of the Mandalorians spoke with local reporters.

On a broader note, Senator Tryllos has, to no one's surprise, again extended his invitation to the Mandalorians. "Just compare the Empire to the Mandos!", said the Senator excitedly in an interview this evening. "Such resplendent warriors, working for thugs and megalomaniacs! It won't last, mark my words."

Next up: the search for those responsible for a recent bombing on Sleheyron...

RNN: We report. You decide.
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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #17 on: 04/10/13, 03:08:14 PM »
...Incorporated has gone into receivership. Creditors are advised to get their claims in order and filed as quickly as possible.

In other business news, after the closing of Darth Taelios's Violet Lounge following the abrupt termination of its lease and the subsequent award of the space to the newly established Galactic Solutions Industries, rumours are circulating that various members of the Hutt Cartel are engaged in negotiations with the understandably annoyed darth. Cartel representatives declined to comment on the nature of the talks. When asked about them, Darth Taelios just giggled.

When we return from the break, find out which commodities are a better investment... precious or base metals... you might find yourself surprised!

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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #18 on: 04/25/13, 03:05:18 PM »
-HoloNet News Service Special Report-

Two bodies were discovered today under what sources are saying a holographic disguise that mimicked the look of a holoshrub on Nar Shaddaa. The first victim, a male in his early thirties, was found with his throat slit. He was wearing an Imperial uniform. The rank and job of the victim is being with held at this time. Though inside sources are saying that he the victim maybe a Major in the Imperial Army.

The second victim, a woman in her mid-forties, was found in similar conditions. The odd thing was she appeared to be wearing clothing that didn't seem to fit for an outing on Nar Shaddaa. Our sources are saying her identification proves she works for the Republic.

Local police are working on finding out what happened to these two but we do not know how long before the Empire and Republic take over the investigations of their own citizens.


Police are saying they found a note that was tucked away on one of the victims. They are claiming that a person calling themselves Wraith, is taking credit for the murders. He claims that both of the victims did not deserve to live after what they have done to the innocent. Law enforcement are keeping the contents of this note under wraps for now.

Inside sources are saying that Major was rumored to being running experiments on the locals on Balmorra. Both Aliens and Humans alike, namely children. The woman from the Republic we have found out is a senator's aide. She is rumored to have ties to Black Sun and other criminal groups, but such allegations have yet to be proven due to lack of evidence linking her to these groups.

This Wraith seems to have killed these two based off these rumors it would see. Law enforcement are asking that you keep a look out for a person claiming to be this Wraith as they gather more information on the killer.
We will update this story as we gain more information.


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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #19 on: 05/06/13, 05:37:10 PM »
     Damian Reed walked through the crowded hallways of the channel 16 holonews station with a determined purpose, weaving through coworkers and visitors alike. He was a heavy set man for a mirialan, but the cap he wore every day to work announced him as the editor and no one dared to stand in his way. Beside him, struggling to keep up with his long strides and quick gait, a taller human woman read from a small datapad.
     "... and despite any reasonable attempt at negotiation, the apparent terrorists publicly refused compromise by assaulting the local youngling school campus and taking three classes of students hostage. The masked mercenary retaliated against the assailants and violently diffused the situation before local authorities could establish a response. It is currently unclear if any contract or employment benefit prompted the Dire Wolf's involvement." The woman lowered her datapad. "I'm telling you Damian, this is a story."
     "Yes, it's a story." Damian replied flatly as they turned a corner into a longer corridor. "It's a story. But not one we're gonna run. This mercenary's gotten more than enough screen time for one lifetime."
     "He's news, Damian."
     "He's a thug. A hired thug who happens to have some high profile jobs. We're going to run the Imperial raid on the Alderaanian Kiliks, as planned."
     "People are watching for what this guy does, and they might as well watch us. You call him a thug, others call him a monster, after what happened on Spacer Radio. And now this 'monster' just saved a school full of kids. Pro bono. You don't think that's news? Coruscant Daily'll think it's news. And they'll have it in an hour. They'll push it. "
     Damian sighed, walking passed a pair of open doors. "... Fine. Run it on holonet print. Front site it, above the fold. No vids."
     "Thank you! You won't regret this. I'm telling you, if we kept a dedicated feed on this masked merc we could bum--"
     "--What'd you call him?"
     "... The Dire Wolf? Masked mercenary. It's how he's been described by man--"
     "--Front site it, above the fold, no vids, and change the name."
     "It's a nickname, Damian. Many people call him that."
     Damian stopped and turned towards the woman. She skipped her foot a little to keep from running into her boss. "Sharon, you work at the second largest news hub in the Republic, are you saying you haven't paid attention to the news? Fenrir's been without a mask over a week. There's a reason people aren't covering it - no one cares. A thug's a thug. But you do good works, so front site it, above the fold, no vids, and change. The. Name."
     "Sheesh. It's just a nickname, Damian..."
     "And I have a nickname too. Editor. It's just a nickname, you understand, but so long as I own that nickname, I get to dictate what does and does not go on the net. And I say change the name. He doesn't. Have. A mask. Capiche?"
     The mirialan turned once again to continue on his way without waiting for an answer from Sharon. He pushed his way half through a set of double doors before realizing the junior reporter had not followed. "Damian?" she called from behind him, having not moved from her spot. "If he hasn't been wearing his mask... How come nobody knows who he is, still?"
     Damian stared back at her for a long moment. "... Change the name." And then he disappeared into the long hallways beyond.

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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #20 on: 05/09/13, 07:08:27 AM »
The Level 937 Holoquibbler
The finest news that others are too scared to print.

Aeras Faldin, member of the popular Burning Moon Combat
Association, was confirmed dead yesterday by Republic special
forces. The cause of death was reported to be multiple lightsaber
wounds. The inquest has been ended and her body was returned
to her family late last night. Jedi witnesses, speaking on condition of
anonymity, placed responsibility for her death squarely on the
head of one Ilireth Necare, Lord of the Sith.

The BMCA took their grief on-record, expressing their sympathies
to the fallen woman's family and promising that their next event
will commemorate her life and death.

But one must wonder, gentle reader, whether the Jedi can be
trusted in these matters. As vile as the Sith are, is it likely
that they alone are responsible for this young woman's death? We
at the Holoquibbler believe that something far more insidious is
at play. We have written at length before [[link: article
4e:55:01:fe:42]] about the Jedi's horrifying genetic
experimentation [[link: article 4e:55:01:ff:17]] upon their own
padawans, backed by the galactic elite.

Few are aware that Knight Telline, one of the primary "anonymous"
witnesses in this tragic murder, is actually disenfranchised
Alderaanian nobility---although we dispute, gentle reader, the
legitimacy of her disenfranchisement. Could Aeras in fact have
stumbled upon that for which we have searched for years? Could
she have obtained evidence of this galactic conspiracy, and been
eliminated by both the Jedi and Sith together to cover their

We, of course, do not say that this is the truth. We do not
compel you to our own reasoning. We simply present the facts, so
that you may decide for yourself. And that is the spirit of
democracy upon which our Great Republic is founded.
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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #21 on: 05/10/13, 02:27:46 AM »
Republic News Network: Breaking News

The Terrorist Bomber known as Godott, known for his bombing of the Republic Military Officer Academy and suspected in at least a dozen other bombings in Republic space, has been apprehended here, in our own Backyard of Coruscant, after a bloody shootout resulting in multiple deaths. Godott, having known ties to Alderaanian House Rist, and being implicated with other undesirable gangs, is suspected of anarchic intent. Sources say he was assisted by a small group of Republic Dissidents and Anarchists to further his causes. Military and Security forces have refused to comment at this point in time.

Why was he here? What was his purpose? To shoot up every source of law and justice in the vicinity? Or was he here for a far more sinister reason? More, as the story develops.

RNN: We Report. You decide.

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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #22 on: 05/12/13, 11:28:52 AM »
RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network! ~~ House Wymarc guards found slain in Glarus Valley!  ~~ No comment from House Wymarc representatives. ~~ Investigation by the Joint Houses Security Council underway into House Wymarc security forces.  ~~ RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network!

  *  *  *

RNN - Republic News Network

"Nerf farmers in Alderaan's Glarus Valley reported multiple skrmishes between unknown parties in the ruins along the outskirts of Castle Panteer. Witnesses reported seeing at least one battle droid, and heard blaster fire. Authorities that responded to the site confirmed that several Alderaanian natives were found murdered at the scene.

RNN is investigating reports that the slain men were part of House Wymarc's famed honor guard. If these reports are true, it casts a shadow on House Wymarc's rapid rise in the standing of Alderaan's houses. House Wymarc has been a strong advocate of the collaborative effort between the Alderaanian Houses to push back the Killik incursion. However, RNN's own investigative teams found no evidence of any Killik hives in the area near the ruins of Castle Panteer.

Rival families of House Wymarc, who have experienced their own economic downturn with the successful establishment of a trading port on House Wymarc lands, point to the murder of these men as evidence that House Wymarc is encroaching on lands outside their jurisdiction.

RNN reporters asked the Erinian emissary for a statement given their close and public alliance with House Wymarc in recent months, but no statement has been issued. RNN continues to investigate the incident."

RNN. We Report. You Decide.
I knew some of the Palace history, but not the bit about Jaade crashing that barge. That's good lore, right there.  :grin:

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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #23 on: 05/12/13, 02:44:23 PM »

RNN - Republic News Network

"Trouble on Alderaan! Late last night, local authorities rushed to the scene of what could only be described as a massacre. Bodies lay sprawled throughout the clearing, which was sight to Rodian Crime Lord Benun Ronoaun's barracks, in which most of his men stayed. Most people described Ronoaun as a career pirate, taking whatever he wanted, and doing whatever it took to get to the top. The locals say that this has to be the work of local legend 'The Bandit', who ironically has supposedly spent most of his existance working against bandits, thugs, and criminals.

When asked to comment, Ronoaun said only the following, 'This inhumane action shall not go unpunished. Legend or otherwise, this 'Bandit' will be brought to justice.' When asked about his definition of justice, he refused to comment further.

The thing most trifling to police about this ordeal, is the inscription they found on the barracks itself. 'I'm not going to kriff with Falkc; I'm going to kill him. Send Ronoaun my regards.  -The Bandit'.

The assailent is believed to have had at least one accomplice. Everybody on scene, as well as the local's themselves, are unsure as to the meaning of this message. All they know for certain, is that they can rest a little easier now.

Who is Falkc? Is this 'Bandit' truely a hero, or just a petty criminal like those he fights on a daily basis? We may never know.

Republic News Network will bring you more on this story as frequently as we can. Our parting words? Falkc, whoever he may be, has been marked by an Alderaanian legend. The question is; should he be laughing, or fearing for his life?"

RNN. We Report. You decide.
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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #24 on: 05/13/13, 02:13:59 AM »
RNN - Republic News Network

Breaking progress on the story from Alderaan, regarding House Wymarc's dead guards:

House Beilen has just issued a formal press release on this incident. They state plainly that the young Heiress Beilen had been out hiking/ camping in the area seeking preservable cultural artifacts, and was beset by unknown assailants. House Wymarc received her distress beacon and responded in force to the Lady's aid, taking four unfortunate casualties as they extracted the Lady to safety.

When asked who would possibly be targeting so small a house, the formal response was "Anyone with political interests who would wish to stop the impending nuptials between House Beilen and House Wymarc."

That's right folks, you heard it first here! The newly re-established Baron Wymarc is set to wed the young Heiress, Lady Aralisa Beilen within the year. An official date has yet to be announced, but the engagement is confirmed! We will feature a full folio of the engagement ring and wedding plans in a coming issue, you'll have it as soon as we do!

As to likely assailants, this reporter can only speculate which houses would stand to lose as House Wymarc gains purchase with House Organa's long term supporter, House Beilen. However at least this one unfortunate mystery has been solved.

Wrapping up- House Beilen assures us the young lady Aralisa remains shaken but unharmed. The elder Lady Beilen went on to state: "We will be seeing to the families of those who saved our beloved daughter's life personally. We will all be family soon. Our deepest gratitude goes to all of House Wymarc for their friendship and bravery in these difficult times of rebuilding and growth."

RNN. We Report. You decide.
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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #25 on: 05/13/13, 02:29:49 PM »
RNN - Republic News Network

Earlier this morning, the Erinian Ambassador to the Galactic Republic held a public press conference at the steps of the Erinian embassy in Wymarc City. When pursued for comment, the Royal Press Corps stated that the Erinian Crown wished to clarify its position on "a number of points," particularly concerning the "horrible tragedy" which occurred earlier in the week.

RNN - We Report. You decide.

Click to watch the Erinian press conference?


__ __ __

<The video begins with a wide-angle shot of the entrance to the Erinian embassy. Before it is a small platform embellished with a banner skirt bearing the colors of the Erinian flag - blue, black, and silver. A press pit consisting of about twenty chairs - all filled with whispering reporters - has been set up in front of the platform. Suddenly, in a crescendo of standing, shutter-flashes, and clacking boot heels, Ambassador Keyis ascends the stage and comes to a stop in front of a podium.>

Keyis: "Thank you all for coming. First, let me begin by conveying the Erinian Crown's deepest and most heartfelt condolences to the families of those lost in this week's attacks. The friendship between Erini, House Wymarc, and indeed all of Alderaan may be in its infancy, but the sorrow of the Alderaanian people is truly shared among us all. I would also like to take this time to express the Crown's joy that the young lady Beilen was not harmed during the attack. The Crown hopes eagerly for her full and timely recovery. I'll take your questions now. Yes, Vyelic?"

<Vyelic Auana of the Royal Chronicleer stands.>

Auana: "My Lord, does your-.."

Keyis: "Apologies, Vyelic - 'Ambassador Keyis' or 'Mr. Ambassador' is more than sufficient. Per Erinian custom, ambassadors, envoys, and other state functionaries voluntarily eschew their personal titles while they are acting withing their formal capacity as representatives of the Erinian state."

Auana: "..Thank you. Ambassador Keyis, is your presence at this press conference indicative of a...restructuring of the Erinian foreign ministry?"

Keyis: "Are you asking if I've been made the official Erinian ambassador to House Wymarc?"

<Auana nods.>

"No. The appointment of an official Erinian ambassador to House Wymarc has not yet been decided. Until such a decision is made, I shall continue to run this embassy with the help of Charges d'Affaires Morlyne and Sarland-Vyqtia on top of my other duties as the Ambassador to the Galactic Republic. Yes?"

<Sezeena Aurette of the Cross Times stands.>

Aurette: "Mr. Ambassador, is the Erinian Foreign Ministry prepared to give an official comment regarding what is being alleged as an attack against crime boss Benun Ronoaun perpetrated by the legendary "Bandit"?"

Keyis: "It is not this office's place to comment on the Bandit, his alleged vigilantism, or anything concerning a possible feud between the Bandit and one "Falkc." However, it should be made very clear that Erinian Navy vessels are legally obliged, under the conditions of the Treaties of Association between Erini and the Galactic Republic, to apprehend, hamper, harass, or otherwise obstruct the activities of either known criminals or those wanted by Republic authorities under suspicion of having committed violent crimes.

"To my knowledge, the pirate Ulys Falkc is wanted in several systems, most recently for piracy, larceny, theft, fraud, assault, torture, and crimes against humanity. Therefore, if the pirate Falkc is found within Erinian space, the Royal Navy and her Marines shall, and of right, ought to pursue him with the intent to deliver him into the custody of the Republic."

<Marc Staliza of the Organian stands.>

Staliza: "Ambassador, does the Crown have any comment on the recent engagement of the lady Aralisa Beilen to Baron Wymarc?"

Keyis: "...The Erinian Foreign Minister has not pre-...I'm sorry, what?"

<murmurs among the crowd>

Staliza: "...The...recent engagement between Wymarc and Beilen. Is the Crown willing to comment?"

Keyis: "...<Keyis grips the bridge of his nose in his thumb and index finger>..Yes, of course.

<Keyis regains his composure.>

"It-.. The Erini Foreign Minister sends his regards and well-wishes to the Baron and lady. Yes, a question?"

<Muir Wayla of the Stoy'ira Gazette stands.>

Wayla: "Ambassador, does the Erinian Crown have any plans to offer a prince to one of the Alderaanian houses? As a way to formalize a political union."

<Keyis blinks.>

Keyis: "What, you think they'd tell me that?"


"Next question, please. Yes, you."

. . .
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RNN - Republic News Network
« Reply #26 on: 05/20/13, 03:44:46 PM »
*The video begins showing a group of four battling what looks like droids. Two of them with a lightsaber while another had a blaster and the last one with two vibroblades. Then holo camera shows the group entering the building and several human females running out. *

"A few days ago a small group of three man and one women was seen on the planet of Corellia damaging property and killing several women and children. It is unclear of there motives or if they had a motive but one witness says that one of the man had some sort of power. We are told that this one individual was the master mind of it. We currently have no name of this individual yet but if anyone sees a man of this description please contact your local authourity as soon as possible. The leader of the group wore somesort of trooper armor and is about 5'11 to 6'0 feet tall. Human male with a lightsaber hilt on the side. There are no more futher details but more will be availble when we get more. This video was given anonymously to the station and we look forward to gathering more information for everyone thank you."

RNN - We Report. You decide.
May the force serve us well!!!

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Re: News Channel Feeds
« Reply #27 on: 05/22/13, 12:34:14 AM »
Galactic News Network: Nar Shaddaa Local News

Hutt Cartel Security has cordoned off several docking bays in Mezenti Spaceport, as firefighters reportedly fight a blaze that erupted late this evening. A small luxury ship apparently caught fire without warning, many witnesses say. There are currently no fatalities listed at this time, although several were taken to local medical centers for treatment. Sources say the ship was located in a bay owned by the Tretarkii Syndicate. Baldarek Wayfar, who the docking bay is currently registered to, could not be reached for comment.

Up next: Could that Banthasteak be your last? Join us for shocking news, after this break.
Baldarek - Tretarkii Syndicate 'General Manager'

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Re: News Channel Feeds
« Reply #28 on: 05/23/13, 06:07:38 PM »
VUE Network Press Release

(Nar Shaddaa) Last night's new episode of ICE PLANET SALVAGE, detailing competitive salvage and recovery crews on Hoth, was the #1 holocable program among Beings 25-54 delivery (excluding sports). The series earned a 2.01 HH/1.68 P25-54 rating and delivered 2.67 billion viewers P2+, beating most broadcast Holotelevision series including: HuT's "Project Runway - Corellia," ICC's "Dancing with the Stars - Results Show" and "CSI - Nar Shaddaa." In addition, VUE was the #1 non-sports cable network in Prime among Gendered Beings 25-54 delivery.

An all new ICE PLANET SALVAGE premieres next Seconday, 9 PM E/P.

Source: Nielshonnen. NHI Calendar. Live+SD AA% and AA (000).

Following ICE PLANET SALVAGE, VUE will air a special preview episode of PRIMEVIL FOREST which has just begun shooting on the Imperial world of Bosthirda. PRIMEVIL FOREST, which joins VUE's spring lineup, details the stories of teams during the competitive and highly dangerous Hunting and Logging seasons in Bosthirda's forests.

VUE is dedicated to creating the highest quality non-fiction holocontent that informs and entertains its consumers about the galaxy in all its wonder, diversity and amazement. The network, which is distributed to 100.8 trillion homes, can be seen in 210 planets and territories, offering a signature mix of compelling, high-end production values and vivid cinematography across genres including, science and technology, exploration, adventure, history and in-depth, behind-the-scenes glimpses at the people, places and organizations that shape and share our world. For more information, please visit our Holonet site.

About VUE Communications (SpaceNasdaq: VUEC, VUECN, VUEA) is the Galaxy's #1 nonfiction holomedia company reaching more than 1.8 trillion cumulative subscribers in 209 planetary systems and territories. VUE is dedicated to satisfying curiosity through 149 Galaxywide Holotelevision networks, led by VUE Channel, TLC, XenoAnimal Planet, Science! and Investigation VUE. VUE also is a leading provider of educational products and services to schools and owns and operates a diversified portfolio of digital holomedia services, including Revision3.

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Re: News Channel Feeds
« Reply #29 on: 05/28/13, 01:03:21 AM »
Thanks, Devvin, for that lovely segment on whether blurgs make good housepets.

And now we have more on the investigation into the explosion that rocked Mezenti Spaceport on Nar Shaddaa Sunday night.  If you've been watching, you already know that an unexplained explosion shook the spaceport in late Sunday night. We have learned from official sources that the hangar where the incident took place was registered to one Lord Farm, and that the investigators have been unable to reach her for comment, and that all of the security footage from the time in question seems to have been corrupted beyond recovery. Spaceport management have stated that despite the violence of the explosion, which was heard as far as 50km away, there was relatively little damage to the hangar, and no major structural damage to the spaceport  itself - they have gone to great lengths to reassure customers that the spaceport is still completely safe and functional. (Tune in after the break to get our analyst's perspective on whether the building is really safe, or if you should change your travel plans!)

We have received unofficial information from eyewitnesses (who declined to be identified) describing the scene:

~The image shifts from the newscaster to a pixellated silhouette of a Rodian, who speaks in rapid Huttese, although in an obviously altered voice~

"It was like noffin I ever saw! The whole place was black like it had been on fire or somefin? But noffin was actually burnt. Where the ship would have been sitting there was a huge pile of ashes, as if it had just gone up in smoke. Ships ain't do that though, do they? They leave parts and bits and salvage. Oh, and the outside wall collapsed, but that ain't... What could do that?"

~The image shifts again. This time it seems to be a Nautolan - a very fidgety one, as if frightened. She starts by talking to someone off camera.~

"You're sure no one will know that it's me? I don't want this getting back to me. I don't want anything to do with this. I can't believe I said I'd talk to you."

"Sure, fine. If anything happens to me you all can support my family when I'm gone. So, yeah, I was working the spaceport and I see these three people headed to that hangar. A Twi'lek, one of them funny blue people, and a Sith. Like, a Sith Sith. That funny little one with the hair who used to own that lounge on the Promenade? Why am I talking about this? I don't want anything to do with Sith business. No, n..."

"How much? Yeah, ok. So the three of them went up, and then everything went boom. And then two of them came back. Yeah. The Sith and the blue chick. Both of them all covered in ash or dust or something, I don't know. Now give me my money so I can get o..."

~The image shifts back to the newscaster, who is wearing a slightly strained smile.~

We couldn't have edited that? Really? Ah! So there, you see, we have exclusive information indicating a connection between the accident and frequent Nar Shaddaa visitor Darth Taelios. We fully predict that the incident will be found to have been an internal Sith matter, and that no charges will be filed, although, of course, the responsible parties will be billed for any damages.

We'll be back after the break! See you then!