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Questions Regarding HK-51
« on: 05/17/13, 05:03:06 AM »
A thought occurred to me recently...since I'm sure plenty of us have collected our own HKs (and if you play it careful on the last bit with the Lord of Agony, you can solo it at 55 - I did), and I don't see any posts on this topic beyond announcing their release and what not, I have a couple questions:

1)In the RP timeline as established, which remains within the bounds of the Cold War (in-game sense, up to around Act II of the player storylines, pre-Malgus, pre-Makeb, so on), is the HK-51 used at all?

2)If so, is it used "as is"? Meaning, are you actually designating it as an HK-51? (Since there are supposedly several thousand of these things, and a good technician could probably get 'em in working order.)
-2a)If so, was it recovered/rebuilt, as it is in-game, in the wreck of the Fatality in Belsavis' Section X?
-2b)If not, how do you designate it, if you use it at all?

3)Going on the recovered-from-Belsavis scenario: Since the Empire, in most character storylines, "only recently" discovered Belsavis' purpose as a Republic prison colony, does the Empire have access to Section X in an RP sense? If so, how? If not, how/where would they have recovered the HK?
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